Mission: Fluidic Space Fleet Action/Walkthrough

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  • Gekli Getaway Move the Gekli to the secondary feeding site (20)

The Gekli respond to how close you are by moving away from your ship. So all you need do is drive them (by maneuvering your ship behind them) towards the secondary feeding site.

  • Defend the Gekli from the Undine attackers
  • Move Gekli Pod leaders to block wormholes (5)

This is the same process as the Newborn gekli. Drive them towards the translucent donuts called wormholes. This does not appear to work currently, but is an optional objective.

  • Prepare to defend the primary feeding ground
  • Destroy the planet killer's escorts (5)

The escorts generate an amplified shield that makes the dreadnought invulnerable. Defeat the escorts then move on to the dreadnought. The escorts are Vila Battleships that have substantially higher HP (over 200k) than normal ones. You'll need help for this stage -- working with a group, use Cloak or Mask Energy Signature to get in position where you can all target the same ship. Continue the process until five of them are destroyed.

  • Destroy the Undine dreadnought

You'll need help for this final stage. Use of a similar tactic for the planet killer's escorts is recommended, although there will only be one Tethys Dreadnought to target.