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Mission: First Contact Day Re-Enactment

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Faction FedRomKDF.png First Contact Day Re-Enactment
Given by:
PvE Queue
Minimum Level:
10 - 60 (Normal)
You will receive the following reward:
Plus one of the following:

1 [Zefram Cochrane Memorial Hologram] once every 20 hours.

First Contact Day Re-Enactment is a PvE Queue where players are invited to visit to Bozeman, Montana to engage in the construction of their own replica Phoenix toy rockets. This mission is only available during First Contact Day.

Mission Info[edit | edit source]

  • Captains who participate will search the area for useful parts, just like Cochrane scavenged the pieces for the Phoenix. Using these parts in conjunction with a basic hull assembly, captains will make their own model of the Phoenix by combining engines, hull, and stabilizer parts found in various bits and pieces scattered about the re-creation of the historical settlement.
  • Under the shadow of Zefram Cochrane’s statue, try to get the best parts possible, because the engines will make your model go faster, hull will allow it to survive longer, and stabilizers will keep it going at a better angle of launch.
  • Once captains have had a few minutes to collect their parts, they’ll return to their unfinished models and use leftover pieces to improve on the pieces they’ve assembled. After that, everyone will assemble at the missile silo to launch the models. Whoever’s model reaches the highest altitude will be declared the winner of that launch and the honorary student of Cochrane.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Briefing 1:22
  • Collect Parts! 5:00
  • Return to Your Workbench 0:30
  • Adjust Parts 1:00
  • Launch Models! 0:45

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