Mission: Fastest Game On Ice/Walkthrough

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Just a simple race, as many have learned to not run (hitting shift) until the last leg (able to see the finish line), also to aim for the inside of the turns.

Other tips: If you jump or roll, you stop your momentum. This can be useful to keep from sliding off the track.

Your NPC opponent can't sprint. So if you get a decent lead at the beginning of the race, you can relax and take your time for the rest of it.

A fun thing to try is running the race while polymorphed as a Q creatute. You get about 1 minute 45 seconds with the polymorphed attribute. The surface will remain slippery, even for some creatures that float and do not walk, so use jump or roll as you would if you were racing in normal mode. You can still win the race even polymorphed as a Q creature. Klingon Targs are especially fun and have the best size and feet for navigating the course.