Mission: Empire Defense Against Cardassian Aggression

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Faction KDF.png Empire Defense Against
Cardassian Aggression
Given by:
Cap 0
501 Expertise icon.png
  • Introduction

There are reports that the True Way is preparing an invasion fleet and hiding in the ChoS Nebula.

The Cardassians have enough problems. They are still fighting to remove the Federation influence on their homeworld.

I fail to see what they would gain in attacking us besides ignoble death. However, the Cardassian thirst for conquest may drive them to drastic measures. We cannot ignore these reports.

  • Completion

Well done. The Cardassian Union will remember you as a worthy adversary.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Intercept the Cardassian Fleet in the ChoS Nebula
  • Defeat Cardassian Battle Groups in the ChoS Nebula (0/3)
    • Defeat Cardassian Squadrons (0/14)
  • Return to Lieutenant Commander Mara

Goal[edit | edit source]

Enter the ChoS Nebula in the B'Moth Nebula and scan any anomalous readings you find for traces of the Cardassian fleet.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • This mission can be very difficult at the lowest rank you obtain it, as all ships in the Nebula are 5 levels above you.
  • This mission is identical to its preceding mission, the only difference being you need to clear 3 anomalies rather than 1.
  • If you are a Commander grade 11 / Captain grade 0 when you do this mission you only have to kill 12 squads of True Way vessels, however if you are Captain 1 and above you need to kill 14. Skill points, honor and Bridge Officer Skill Points are also different.