Mission: Elvren System Patrol/Walkthrough

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Elvren System[edit | edit source]

Go to the Elvren System in the Teneebia Sector of the Alpha Centauri Sector Block.

Investigate the Planet[edit | edit source]

Approach the Planet[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the system you will detect strange energy readings from Elvren IV.

Science Officer:

Captain, sensors indicate unusual energy readings from the planet. We should approach the planet and investigate.

Approach the planet.

Approach the planet.

Beam Down[edit | edit source]

Once you have approached close enough to the planet, you will be able to isolate the source of the readings and beam down.

Science Officer:

Captain, our analysis has revealed several uncategorized energy sources on the planet.

The sources appear to be a cluster of devices on the surface -- of alien origin.

Further investigation of these devices could be invaluable to our scientific research.

Beam down to the planet and investigate.

Select your away team and beam down to the surface.

Elvren IV[edit | edit source]

Secure Elvren System[edit | edit source]

Once you beam down to the surface, one of your bridge officers will provide more detail on the artifacts detected from orbit.

Science Officer:

Captain, our scans have tracked the source of the energy to a group of Romulan generators in this area. Recommend we perform an analysis of one of the artifacts.

Examine one of the Romulan generators.

At this point you acquire the mission “Elvren System Patrol”.

Examine a Romulan Generator[edit | edit source]

Proceed to the first Romulan generator and scan it.

Science Officer:

Captain, it appears that this generator isn't very old and must have been placed here recently.

Learning more about these generators will help build up our database on Romulan technology.

It should be very easy to find and scan each of the remaining generators so we can get a complete range of data.

Scan the remaining Romulan generators.

Gather Information From Other Romulan Generators[edit | edit source]

Locate and scan the remaining generators.

Science Officer:

Excellent work, Captain!

The Romulans have been experimenting with types of technology that the Federation has deemed too dangerous, such as subspace weaponry.

The more we know about their recent technological developments, the more prepared we will be.

Leave the system.

Depart System[edit | edit source]

The mission is now complete. Depart the system for sector space.