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Mission: Dust to Dust

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Faction Cross-Faction.png Dust to Dust
Given by:
Harry Kim
Followed by:
“Uneasy Allies”
January 29, 2015
12,033 Expertise icon.png
Plus one of the following:

In Dust to Dust, the player and Captain Harry Kim return to Kobali Prime to repel a Vaadwaur attack, and discover a secret the Kobali have been harboring.

This mission introduces the Kobali Samsar Cruiser, which players could obtain through the “Collect 2015 Anniversary Event Rewards” Event Reputation project during the 5 Year Anniversary Event.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Outline[edit | edit source]

Mission text[edit | edit source]

<rank>, we have a situation on Kobali Prime. You and I were both asked by name to help.

All that we've been told is that the Vaadwaur have launched a large offensive and have retaken the area in front of their "temple"... the place where they keep unconscious Vaadwaur stored.

They need our help to retake the area, though I have a feeling something else is going on. Can you help with the situation?

Goal[edit | edit source]

Go to the Solonae [sic] Dyson Sphere to access the Gateway to Kobali Prime.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • The Kobali Offensive
    • Go To Kobali System
    • The Outer Defenses
      • Defeat Incoming Vaadwaur (0/2)
      • Hail Hanchon Jetanian
    • Beam to Kobali Prime
  • Beneath the Stars
    • Go To Kobali Prime
    • Moving Out
      • Speak with Captain Kim
      • Move Forward
      • Defeat Vaadwaur
      • Rescue Kobali (0/5)
      • [OR] Repair Downed Turrets (0/2)
      • Defeat Incoming Vaadwaur
      • Destroy the Vaadwaur Drop Pod
    • Blockade
      • Push Forward
      • Defeat Incoming Vaadwaur (0/2)
      • [OR] Save MACO from the Vaadwaur
        • Speak to the MACO
      • Defeat Incoming Vaadwaur
      • Destroy the Drop Pod
    • In the Middle
      • Move Forward
      • Speak with Hanchon Jetanian
      • Retake the Temple from the Vaadwaur
      • Speak with Captain Kim
    • Go to the Vaadwaur Catacombs
  • Into the Depths
    • Looming Down
      • Investigate Opened Pod
      • Speak with Captain Harry Kim
      • Contact the Other Harry Kim
      • Zipline Across the Chasm
      • Open the Door
      • Open the Other Door
      • Move Forward
      • Speak to Captain Kim
    • Electric Shuffle
      • Disable Electrified Vaadwaur Pods
      • Move Forward
      • Speak with Jhet'leya
      • Move Forward
      • Speak With Harry Kim
    • The Long Maze
      • Disable the Vaadwaur Maze
      • Move Forward
      • Speak with Harry Kim
    • Dash
      • Enter Override Commands to Reach Keten (0/4)
      • Check Keten's Console
    • Return to your Ship
  • You Can't Go Home
    • Prevention
      • Hail Keten's Ship
      • Disable Keten's Ship
      • Go to Warp
    • The Chase
      • Hail Keten
      • Upload Virus to Disable Warp
      • Disable Keten's Ship
      • Negotiate with the Hirogen
      • Defend Keten's Ship from the Hirogen
      • Speak with Jhet'leya
    • Beam to Kobali Ship
  • To Be Kobali
    • Talk to Keten
    • Speak to Jhet'leya
    • Return to your Ship
  • Hail Captain Harry Kim

NPCs[edit | edit source]

NPC starships[edit | edit source]

Accolades[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description How to Get Points
Kobali Accolade icon.png Electric Slider Avoid being hit by the electricity in, "Dust to Dust" 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Static Sprinter Finish the electricity puzzle in less than two minutes in, "Ashes to Ashes" [sic] 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Razed the Maze Finish the maze in, "Ashes to Ashes" [sic] in less than two minutes. 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Head Held High Finish the ramp puzzle in, "Ashes to Ashes" [sic], without dying 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Light Stepper Finish the ramp puzzle in, "Ashes to Ashes" [sic], without triggering any of the panels. 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Ramp Up the Difficulty Finish the ramp puzzle in, "Ashes to Ashes" [sic], in less than two minutes. 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Twinsouls Complete the featured episode, "Dust to Dust". 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Vaadwaur Historian Investigate all of the Vaadwaur consoles in the episode, "Dust to Dust" Investigate all 5 Vaadwaur consoles 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png The Magnificent Five Complete the final encounter on the ground in, "Ashes to Ashes" [sic], without help from Captain Kim or Hanchon Jetanian. Before Temple Assault choose the Very Hard option. 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Platform Elitist Complete the platform section of, "Dust to Dust", on very hard. 10
Kobali Accolade icon.png Kobali Completionist Complete all the accolades in the episode, "Dust to Dust" The accolade Twinsouls does not need to be completed to obtain this accolade. 10


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The Maze[edit | edit source]

(It should be noted that there are multiple possible locations for the bridge officer, this is just one of them)
Map of The Maze

Mission Replay[edit | edit source]

This mission is repeatable through Mission Replay, although the Rewards for completing may be reduced.

Level Rank SP Exp Ore Mark <>
54 Vice Admiral 2580 2865 192 XII

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Feature Episode, released as part of the 5 Year Anniversary Event on January 29, 2015. Until March 2, the minimum level requirement was 10, and the mission also rewarded 400× [Anniversary Qmendation] upon the first playthrough per character, as well as a choice of a [Kobali Uniform] reward.
  • The [Kobali Deflector Array Mk XII], [Kobali Hyper-Impulse Engines Mk XII], and [Kobali Regenerative Shield Array Mk XII] became available on February 5; February 12; and February 19, 2015, respectively.
  • An additional reward is hidden in the maze section (The Long Maze) of the mission: a lost Kobali Engineering/Command Officer Candidate can be found before finishing the maze. Her location is randomized, but can be found by going to the "!" on minimap and listening for the sound of a tricorder scanning.
  • This mission functions as a sequel to the Star Trek: Voyager episode, "Ashes to Ashes." It also follows up on the death of the "original" Harry Kim in the episode "Deadlock."
    • However in an error, the flashback to "Deadlock" at the start of the mission mistakenly places it as having happened 34 years ago. The episode actually occurred in 2372 - 38 years before the 2410 setting of this mission.
    • Also in the final dialogue with Keten the player character will tell him that he died 32 years ago - contradicting the earlier titlecard in the flashback.

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