Mission: Darkness Before the Dawn/Walkthrough

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Mission Dialog[edit | edit source]

Why have you returned to the Vault?


Our base in the Dera system was heavily damaged by the Tal Shiar.

We have reactivated the Vault, and we will continue to rebuild it. A place that was once used to create weapons of war will now be a home where all are welcome.

What about the Romulan refugees who live in the Vault?


I have no quarrel with them.

My people fought for freedom ... and for peace. We can learn to live with the Romulans, if they will learn to live with us.

Do you know what happened to Sela?


I do not.

I know the Romulan military is searching for her, but there have been no indicaitons of where the demons took her, or what their plans for her are.

Do you think Sela was working with the Iconians?


My instincts tell me no, but I have no proof.

Sela was at odds with the Tal Shiar. I do not think it would have been so if they served the same master.

What are the Romulans doing now that Sela has disappeared?


The petty arguments and plays for power Sela crushed have begun anew.

There are dozens who wish to rule the empire. It will take some time before a new leader arises.

Until then, much blood will be shed.

One of your resistance fighters has asked to join my crew.


I wish him well.

I never wanted to rule my people, and I put no restrictions on their freedom. If there are Remans who wish to rebuild their lives elsewhere, they are welcome to do so.

What will you do now?


My people are free, but there is much to do.

The Romulans hate and fear us, and we do not have a planet to call our own.

I do not think our fight is over.
I don't have any more questions.


Farewell, my friend. I would welcome the chance to fight by your side again.

Tactical Bridge Officer:

Captain, Obisek transported something for you to the <ship>.

He says that he wanted to give you something to remind you of old friends and new beginnings.

I've taken the liberty of having the item moved to the crew lounge. You can see it there.

You have received a new floor trophy! Visit the crew deck to place this memento of your adventures on your ship!