Mission: Collateral Damage/Walkthrough

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ENEMY SQUARED Around the planet you'll need to defeat two groups of Borg ships and two groups of Undine ships. The Undine and Borg will be battling each other so this could make your job easier. I recommend getting at least one shot on each ship because otherwise if you destroy one enemy the other's hull strength will reset to 100%. By getting one shot on each you are sort of telling the game "I'm here, don't reset the hull strength". Once you are done that you can beam down to the planet's surface.

RESCUE MISSION As soon as you beam down you'll see Borg and Undine fighting directly in front of you. Take out whoever you want first (maybe even one at a time from each group). Once they are all down you need to talk to the nearby colonist then beam him/her out. You'll now need to locate the five remaining colonists and rescue them as well.

The five colonists are located all around the complex and are guarded by Borg drones. Defeat them and then beam out the colonist. After that you'll need to destroy five Borg Shield Generators. There are a bunch of them all around the complex so choose five and destroy them. This will drop the shields around the complex allowing you to enter it and rescue the trapped colonist inside.

The colonist in here will tell you about important files they were trying to upload. The orbital Undine platforms will begin attacking the planet but don't worry, they won't hurt you (strange, right?). Access the nearby console to upload them then return to your ship.

FIRE FROM THE SKY Back around the planet you'll need to beam explosives onto each orbital platform (3 in total). If you want to avoid a battle with the Undine ships you can fly in front of the platforms and get close to the center to beam the explosives on board.

SAFE PASSAGE Finally you'll need to meet up with a squad of shuttles which are escaping from the planet (they are between all 3 platforms). Follow them out and protect them against the Borg ships. They will be safe once they warp out.

REWARDS Skill Points Expertise One of the following Impulse Engines Mk X [Spd] Hyper-Impulse Engines Mk X [Spd] Combat Impulse Engines Mk X [Spd]