Mission: City: Modus Operandi/Walkthrough

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This mission is only available during certain days and times for a period of 2 hours at a time. Current schedule is Every Tuesday at 9pm-11pm (Central). Every other Thursday at 1pm-3pm Central. Twice every Saturday, at 4am-6am Central and at 4pm-6pm (Central). Location Defera System - Defera Invasion Zone Summary: To defeat the Borg first we need to know what they want. Collect Cortical Arrays from the Borg in the City and we'll search them for data we can use. Our techs should be able to decypher the Borg memory engrams and download their most recent commands.

You should have at least 1 empty space in your inventory before doing this mission. After accepting this mission, go to the City teleporter to be transported to the City. In the area that is highlighted in your map, you just shoot Borg and collect the drop they leave behind. What's annoying about this is you have to collect 50 of these things! I also noticed that it doesn't even have to be your kill's drop. One way to speed up this process is to team up with someone. If one teammate kills the Borg, both can come in and pick up the drop and it counts for both of you!

After you collect 50 of the Cortical Arrays, go back to base and return to the mission giver.