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Disclaimer: I've only done this mission a couple of times, so this description is weak, but it's better than nothing... The Hard 'City' mission is played out in the back of the city where you will find completely Borgified areas with rows of regeneration chambers and power nodes. There are 2 sections; each section has 2 areas where a team can do the mission (so 4 missions can be going on at once). Your mission is only played out in 1 of the 4 areas. You must have at least 3 team members with you to start the mission. You start the mission by 'uploading a virus' into the large node on the end of the center column of regeneration stations. Then several Borg will release. You must fight off the Borg (survive) while releasing the captured Defari from the regeneration stations. The second phase you need to treat (and/or tag) the rescued Defari, while fighting off a few more Borg. ALL team members MUST be conscious when the last Defari and Borg are dealt with otherwise the mission will bug out. If it does bug out you might be able to fix it by restarting the mission (and none of the Borg or Defari will do anything) and wait until your team is rewarded (about 5 minutes). I think you can watch the tower above, and when it changes color, the mission will end?!? 3 people (especially with a couple of Engineers) can win this mission as long as you concentrate on surviving.