Mission: Call in Reinforcements at Captured Points

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Faction Khitomer.png Call in Reinforcements at Captured Points
Given by:
Cooldown Timer:
November 12, 2013

Summary[edit | edit source]

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Outline[edit | edit source]

Mission Text[edit | edit source]

Our problems aren't just taking points from the Voth, Admiral. We have to ensure that the Voth don't retake them.

We don't have the numbers to continually reinforce points, but you might. Help us reinforce points with soldiers from the <shipname>.

Goal[edit | edit source]

Earn Command Credits by defeating enemies or capturing points. This can be repeated every 20 hours.

Use the Command Credits at captured points to call in reinforcements from your ship.

Higher ranks will earn more credit towards mission completion:

  • Ensigns: 1 Point
  • Lieutenants: 5 points
  • Commander: 10 points
  • Captain: 20 points

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Call in Reinforcements at Captured Points
    • Call Support at Captured Points (0%)
  • Contact Commander Arnold

Accolades[edit source]

There are no accolades specific to this mission.


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