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Simulations[edit | edit source]

First Simulation[edit | edit source]

The First Simulation is mentioned by Captain Nog while explaining the project to the player.

Alteration:[edit | edit source]

Removal of the Iconians themselves.

Results:[edit | edit source]
  • Development of Warp technology by Alpha and Beta Quadrant cultures is delayed by 50,000 years.
  • Dewans become major power in Beta Quadrant
  • Vulcans never embrace Logic, instead forming the Vulcan Star Empire, eventually defeating the Dewans and conquering most of what would have been Federation and Klingon space.
  • Qo'nos is never invaded by the Hurq, who never developed warp travel, the Klingons remain farmers and poets instead of becoming warriors.
  • By 2410, the Vulcan Star Empire is engaged in large-scale war with the Dominion.

Scenario Alpha[edit | edit source]

The scenario created by Alpha Team, led by Soffen, is based on changing the cause of the destruction of Iconia. The player takes the place of the commanding officer of the U.S.S. Ajax on patrol in the Sol System.

Alteration:[edit | edit source]

A series of stars are removed from the Beta Quadrant, resulting in a rogue planet causing massive geological damage to Iconia at the time it would have been destroyed. This is intended to allow for the same technological build-up without the Iconians' seeking revenge.

Results:[edit | edit source]
  • Without outside conflict, the Klingon Great Houses turn on each other, the Romulan Star Empire attacks in the chaos.
  • The Federation attempts to assist the Klingon Empire, resulting in open war between the three powers.
  • The Federation, Klingon Empire and Romulan Star Empire fail to ally against a re-emergent Dominion.
  • Betazed and Tellar Prime are under enemy occupation; Vulcan is rendered uninhabitable.
  • Andoria, Trill and Romulus are all considered lost.
  • The Dominion is in the process of launching a final assault on Earth.

Scenario Beta[edit | edit source]

Led by Noye, Beta Team's scenario alters the course of U.S.S. Voyager's journey through the Delta Quadrant. The player serves as a diplomatic aide to Federation Ambassador Jiro Sugihara.

Alteration:[edit | edit source]

A solar flare is caused that prevents Voyager from encountering Underspace and the Vaadwaur, removing them as an Iconian servitor race.

Results:[edit | edit source]
  • The Hierarchy serve the Iconians directly, acting in concert with Elachi forces in much the same manner as the Tal Shiar. At least some Hierarchy captains seem to host Bluegill parasites.
  • The Hierarchy use propaganda and espionage to set the races of the Delta Quadrant against each other instead of providing them with a common enemy.
  • The Malon are approached to form the Delta Alliance along with the Talaxians, Hazari and Benthans.
  • Conflict between the Malon and Talaxians and the Hazari and the Benthans prevent the formation of the Delta Alliance.
  • With the support of the Iconians increasing their profit margins, the Hierarchy expands aggressively. That expansion, in turn, allows for increased Iconian and allied activity throughout Hierarchy-controlled space.

Scenario Gamma[edit | edit source]

By preventing the discovery of Iconia by the U.S.S. Yamato, Jelen's team attempts to delay the Iconians' return. The player acts as the First Officer of the I.R.W. D'serek, a Romulan Star Navy Scimitar dreadnought.

Alteration:[edit | edit source]

By destroying the archeological site that led the Yamato to Iconia, the Milky Way Galaxy races would gain time for technology and galactic politics to advance to a point more capable of meeting them on equal footing.

Results:[edit | edit source]
  • The Hobus Supernova does not happen and Romulus is not destroyed.
  • D'Tan and other separtists establish a democratic Romulan Republic, located near the Dewa System.
  • Commander Temer and the crew of the I.R.W. D'serek defect to the Romulan Republic
  • Tal Shiar Lieutenant Gaius Selan is not assimilated by the Borg and liberated, but is arrested by the D'serek's crew as part of their defection.
  • No Iconian or Herald presence is known in the Beta Quadrant, but there are increased levels of Borg activity.