Mission: Bug Hunt/Walkthrough

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In this PvE mission, five players traverse through a series of tunnels and caverns to combat the Neural Parasite (Bluegill) threat.

On the Elite Version of this mission, you have to kill the three Alarm Bugs. Failure to kill any of them will result in mission failure.

First Phase: Assault Hive Entrance[edit | edit source]

The first part of this mission is fairly straightforward but does require some vigilance, as you need to keep an eye out for Alarm Bugs, which appear physically the same as the Delvers except for being pink in colour instead of the usual beige/brown. The first bug that pops out of the ground ahead of your team at the start of this mission is an Alarm Bug, and needs to be killed immediately.

Kill all the bugs in the first area. Once you have VanDerveer will set a charge and destroy the wall of rock blocking your path.

In the next area you'll do the same thing, except the bugs will spawn once you have got about 2/3rd's of the way to the next rock wall. The Alarm Bug for this area can be found in the middle of the newly spawned group, and as before needs to be killed as a matter of priority.

Kill all the bugs in this area, and once again VanDerveer will blow up the wall. On Elite another group of bugs will spawn while he does this and they will need to be killed.

Finally, you'll move into the last area that contains an Alarm Bug. This one spawns very close to where the players enter, so keep an eye out behind you as you enter and trigger the spawns. Again, kill all the bugs and VanDerveer will blast through the wall, spawning another group of bugs to kill on Elite difficulty.

Second Phase: Advancing into the Hive[edit | edit source]

Moving into the next area, you will find a narrow path that spawns more bugs, simply kill them and move along to the end of the path where there's a narrow fissure in the rock. Jump down into the cavern below. This leads to a big fight with large number of bugs including a Jr. Queen. Kill all of them and VanDerveer will use more explosives to open a hole in the ground into the tunnels below.

Third Phase: Penetrate Lower Levels[edit | edit source]

Jump down this hole into another cavern and kill the bugs that immediately spawn. Wait for VanDerveer to move to the other side of the cavern and interact with him.

At this point VanDerveer begins work on rigging some explosives to take down a pillar to use as a bridge to cross deep pit stopping further progress, and it is possible for players to fall down this hole and die. Cover VanDerveer from attacking Bugs until he finishes the bridge.

Once this is done a short cutscene will play of the pillar falling into place, cross over and continue on to the final part of the mission.

Final Phase: The Spawnmother[edit | edit source]

You will now reach a large cavern, at its centre is the Spawnmother, the main target. On ledges around the cavern are a number of Bugs that are firing toxic Area-of-Effect attacks at the players during the duration of the fight. This battle is complicated by the necessity on Elite to keep VanDerveer alive, who is likely to be swarmed by bugs. A Medic or other defensive player or two will need to keep him alive while the rest of the team kills the Spawnmother. Once the Spawnmother dies the mission succeeds.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is advisable to make the flying Pestilant bug a priority target as they hit players hard with a continual attack that periodically knocks fair amounts of health off, depending on resistances.
  • A lot of the Bug attacks are toxic, and so any toxic damage resistances work well in this mission.