Mission: Brushfire/Walkthrough

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As the mission begins, you are tasked with taking out four groups of Son'a ships. Watch out for the metreon gas, it blows up with a 4 km radius and may cause a bit of trouble.

After the four groups are destroyed, there is a final group that heads for you. You can avoid the group and beam down to the planet, or you can defeat the group and be awarded the accolade No Witnesses

You then beam down to the surface where you are pretending to be a prisoner as Rodek takes you through the prison. Stay with in the red lines on the ground and you'll be awarded the accolade Model Prisoner when you get to the end. (As of 21st Jul 17 it may not show up that you have received it, but if you check your accolade list it will be there.)Tested 28th March 2019, Accolade did show up.

If you go outside the red lines, the turrets will shoot at you and push you back into place. If you keep trying, eventually they will kill you and you receive the Rules Exist for a Reason accolade. This is more easily done if you remove your shield and armour first!

You'll eventually get to the end, where you break out Martok and a Jem'Hadar soldier and then fight your way through the prison defeating groups of Klingons and Tzenkethi along the way, whilst sabotaging numerous areas. You'll finally get to the end, where you'll escape to the top of a tower.

At the top of the tower, there will be a large area where a battle will break out where Tzenkethi and Klingons beam in constantly whilst a 3 minute timer runs down before your ship arrives. If you manage to stay alive for the duration without falling, you will receive the accolade Four Thousand Throats. After, a large Tzenkethi will kill the Jem'Hadar. When you beat the Tzenkethi Commander, Martok will "Sparta" the Tzenkethi Commander down the shaft.

After beaming up, you'll have to fight waves of Son'a ships as Klingon reinforcements jump in to assist you. Afterwards, you can make your escape to complete the mission.