Mission: Brotherhood of the Sword/Walkthrough

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This mission requires the activation of a console in each area, which then requires the activation of another two within fifteen seconds. Some areas have extra objectives that require completion, and will result in mission failure if they are failed on Elite. Each area with consoles has a time limit of 3:30 on Elite.

Completing consoles before the other objectives will also result in their failure.

First Area: The Courtyard[edit | edit source]

In this first area, clear out the Heralds before activating the console. Once the hidden consoles appear by activating the center console in the courtyard, enemies will continue to spawn until both consoles are activated. This can turn into a mission failure if the party members are having to respawn after being ganged up on by foes. Eliminating enemies first will potentially limit the number of player deaths.

It is worth noting that this area can be completed without first defeating the Herald forces already present, as the objective only relies on the activation of the consoles. This however can be potentially dangerous if the consoles are not activated in time as it means clearing out three groups, which can be difficult more tedious without the presence of a tank.

Second Area: The Fire Lake[edit | edit source]

Moving into the next area, you have two objectives. One is to assist the Honor Guard, the other is to rescue the Fire Team, failing in doing either of these on Elite results in the failure of the mission. The Honor Guard is located on the eastern side of the lake, while the Fire Team is at the south of the lake, holding position in the doorway that would normally lead to the First City exchange area.

To complete these objectives, eliminate the foes the Honor Guard are doing battle with (a group of constructs), while the Fire Team needs to be interacted with and any enemies who spawn in their path north should be engaged. The Fire Team objective completes once they are north of the lake.

As in the first area, have one person activate the console and the rest of the team interact with the two consoles as they appear. Activate them within the fifteen second time limit to continue to the next area at the Forge.

Third Area: The Forge[edit | edit source]

Moving onto the Forge, you have two objectives, failing either will again fail the mission on Elite. The first is to evacuate a syndicate operative, an Orion male who's holed up on the south side near the large gate. Interact with him and he'll follow you to the extraction point, located on the western side of the map down a ramp from the raised forge platform into the slum area. Make sure the enemies in the area are preoccupied elsewhere before you make the attempt.

The second objective is to release the Targs. They are located at the eastern side of this area, in a pit down a ramp. You'll see a gate that's glowing and this is the one you want to interact with in order to release them, they will help against any nearby Heralds.

Once these objectives are achieved and as before, interact with the console, deactivate the two that appear and move on to the Challenge Floor.

Fourth Area: The Challenge Floor[edit | edit source]

There are no additional objectives in this area like the previous two, instead this area is more akin to the starting area with one initial enemy group a console to activate. As in the Courtyard before, kill any enemies or have them tanked, then activated the console and deactivate the secondary consoles in the fifteen second window. Completing this leads to the final battle.

Fifth Area: The Final Battle[edit | edit source]

For the final battle you will be returning to the courtyard where the mission began. A Harbinger is present here, and is easily identified from the large staff, tall and floating figure that is accompanied by a group of Herald forces. The Harbinger is capable of using a number of Area-of-Effect so be aware of your surroundings.

Simply defeat all enemies in the area and you will have won the mission.