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Ketha Lowlands[edit | edit source]

Root of the Problem[edit | edit source]

Travel to the Ketha Lowlands. You arrive at the fortified manor house of House Martok, where Lady Sirella is waiting.

Tactical Officer:

Lady Sirella, mistress of the House of Martok, has requested our presence at the family's manor.

We should make our way to the manor as soon as possible.

Speak to Lady Sirella.

Talk to Sirella[edit | edit source]

Speak with Sirella, who explains why she has requested your assistance.

Lady Sirella:

Welcome, <Rank>. Greetings K'mtar. It pleases me that you have come to my home.

The House of Martok has many enemies. We have called for vengeance against the House of J'mpok and all of its allies for the death of my husband, and many smaller houses seek to curry favor with J'mpok or the House of Duras by striking at us. Until now, most of these attacks have been little more than a nuisance.

When we received word from K'mtar that one of the Houses may be plotting an assassination against Worf, it confirmed my suspicions that there is a greater threat emerging.

I now believe that my grandson, M'ven, may also be a target. These assassins threaten to destablize our position on the High Council.

Whoever has ordered such a dishonorable act, or who would be cowardly enough to carry it out, must be stopped.

Given your current investigation, we ask that you find the assassin and remove the threat before they attempt a strike.


Your full cooperation will be appreciated.


Yes... what the <Rank> means to say is that we value your concerns and we will proceed with caution on our investigation.

It is refreshing, and a testimony to the dignity of House Martok, that you're willing to speak out and recognize this looming threat.

May I ask where your grandson, M'ven, is now?

Lady Sirella:

He is on his way to the Bat'leth tournament on Forcas III with your father, Worf. Worf assured me that he would handle security matters during the trip, but that was before you reported your findings to me.


We should go to Forcas and keep an eye on Worf and M'ven.

Lady Sirella:

Before you go, I have another concern.

Our local farmers reported seeing a Romulan recently and given K'mtar suspicions of a House collaborating with the Tal Shier, it seems an odd coincidence.

Please investigate and ensure we're safe here before you leave for the tournament.

Question the local farmers.


We will look for this Romulan.

Talk to Farmers[edit | edit source]

Head out into the fields and talk to the farmers, to see if they have sighted anything unusual.

Unusual Sightings:

The only thing I've paid attention to of late has been the lack of rain!

But you're a warrior, not a farmer. You wouldn't be interested in that.

Sorry I couldn't help you.

Unusual Sightings:

The targs have been busy tearing up my roots, but other than that, I haven't seen anything unusual.

Eventually, one of the farmers will have seen something of note.

Unusual Sightings:

My apologies, sir. I don't remember anything out of the ordinary.

You might ask the surveyor. I never got a good look at him myself, but I know he has been on the hill over there for the past few days, and he's been keeping a very careful eye on everything going on in the valley.

Maybe if you find him, he can tell you something more.

Look for the Surveyor.

Investigate Surveyor Location[edit | edit source]

Head to the top of the hill to the Northeast. Deal with any hostile wildlife you may encounter, and then inspect the equipment you find there. ( and incase your mission didn't update because of some stupid bug try talking too the Porter's instead. )

Tactical Officer:

Here is some of the equipment that the surveyor left, Captain, but it's Romulan in origin.

This isn't a surveying device, sir, and I think something is wrong here. What would a surveyor need with a Romulan short-range EM transmitter?

Investigate the surveyor by asking questions in town.

Talk to Delivery Handler[edit | edit source]

Head slightly Southeast from the hill to a cargo staging area and speak to the Delivery Handler.

Delivery Manager:

Yes, <Rank>!

I remember the man for whom you are looking. It's not every day you see a Romulan in the Ketha Lowlands!

He didn't say he was a surveyor, though. He told me that he was part of a diplomatic delegation studying our agriculture.

Martok would have never let a Romulan set foot on our world. That's why I don't think much of J'mpok. He's too soft!

The oddest thing I remember -- other than him being a Romulan, of course -- was that he scheduled a delivery of goods from one of the local shops.

That didn't make sense to me. Lady Sirella won't let anyone authorize a delivery to the manor but her!

But his codes were valid, so I did as he asked. I just finished making the delivery. It was a large package that he wanted taken to the grain storage area at the House of Martok's manor.

Find out what was being delivered.

Talk to Trade Merchant[edit | edit source]

Head further South and speak to the Trade Merchant about what this Romulan wanted delivered.


Yes, I remember that package.

It was an order for the House of Martok. The needed explosives for digging out a new irrigation system. I couldn't tell you who placed the order though -- normally Lady Sirella does that, but this time there was an authorization code that I didn't recognize.

They must need the new irrigation channel badly. Normally Lady Sirella delays tasks such as that until the winter when the farmhands aren't busy with planting and harvesting.

Tactical Officer:

It sounds like our assassin has been busy! With the harvest in full swing, he's going to use the opportunity to detonate explosives hidden in the House of Martok's grain stores.

The equipment we found earlier must be the trigger device, but why use a Romulan short range EM trigger? Its range is limited to a few hundred yards, so he will have to be near the farm to trigger the explosive charges.

We need to get back to the manor and stop the assassin!

His choice of equipment means that he will be somewhere near the farm. If I were him, I'd choose a spot overlooking the grain stores so I could see the results of the detonation.

Stop the Assassin.

Catching the Scent[edit | edit source]

Locate the Assassin[edit | edit source]

Head back to the manor house before the assassin can act.

There will be several ambushes for you to overcome along the way; one along the path just South of the Delivery Handler's location, one along the path as it passes through the fields, and one near the base of the stairs leading up to the manor house.

Head up to the manor house and then to the fields on a hill to the South, where you will locate Tarsen. He is kneeling next to a shack, planting a bomb. (The bomb does not need to be defused.)

Dispatch the Assassin[edit | edit source]

Once you have located Tarsen, put an end to his plot to destroy the food stores of the House of Martok.

After being attacked, he will flee, leaving you with a parting shot.


I am being paid very handsomely to make sure that the House of Martok crumbles, and I will not let someone as insignificant as you stop me!

The next time we meet, <Rank>, I will have the upper hand!

Defeat Tarsen's Assault Force[edit | edit source]

As Tarsen escapes, a bunch of hostile Romulans beam in and attack you.

Tactical Officer:


The very thought of a Romulan standing on the soil of Qo'noS makes bile rise in my throat!

Someone must have hired that honorless dog to do their dirty work, Captain. The House of Martok is prosperous, but now that Martok is gone it is not a big enough threat to prompt the Romulans to come here and start a war!

We need to follow Tarsen to find out who hired him. As long as that petaQ draws breath, he is a threat to the House of Martok.

Captain, Tarsen probably beamed up to a cloaked ship in orbit. We should see if we can pick up any warp trails and find out where he is going next.

Beam up to your ship.

Qo'noS System[edit | edit source]

On the Trail[edit | edit source]

Go To Qo'noS System[edit | edit source]

Return to your ship and see if you can trace where Tarsen has scurried off to.

Tactical Officer:

Captain, the warp traffic in this area is too high to get a useful reading.

We should talk to one of the traffic control stations in the area to get their help. They will have highly detailed reports on each ship coming and going from the system.

Fly to a traffic control station in orbit of Qo'noS.

Look for Romulan Warp Signatures[edit | edit source]

The traffic control station is a large station located "South" of Qo'noS. Fly to it and hail the traffic controller.

Warp Signatures:

There's a lot of traffic coming and going from the Qo'noS system on a regular basis is there anything more specific you can tell me about the warp signature you're looking for?

A cloaked Romulan ship? In orbit around Qo'noS?

That should be easy to pick out of the crowd because of their unique warp drive design, but I'm impressed with the guile of a Romulan coming this deep into Klingon space.

I found the signature you're looking for. It's on a course to the Forcas system. What could the Romulans want there?

Tactical Officer:


I've picked up his trail, and he is on a course for the Forcas system.

We should pursue Tarsen immediately before his trail goes cold. If Tarsen moves on from Forcas, we could lose him completely.

Travel to the Forcas System.

Forcas System[edit | edit source]

Chasing Ghosts[edit | edit source]

Go To Forcas System[edit | edit source]

Head to the Forcas System.

Defeat Tarsen[edit | edit source]

As you enter the system, you will be hailed.

Tactical Officer:

Incoming hail, Captain.

Putting it on the main viewscreen now:


So you can follow a warp trail, Lieutenant. Excellent!

Thank you for making it so easy for me to destroy you! Once your ship is space junk, I will be able to continue my employer's mission undisturbed.

The House of Martok will fall!

Tactical Officer:

We have arrived in the Forcas system, Captain.

The trail from Tarsen's ship ends here. He must have some purpose here ...

Yes! That's it!

The annual bat'leth tournament is in its final rounds. M'ven, son of Drex, is favored to win.

M'ven is Lady Sirella's grandson ... and heir to the House of Martok. Tarsen must have his sights set on killing him to make up for his failure in the Ketha Lowlands.

Stop Tarsen.

Engage Tarsen's Mogai Escort. Once it has received sufficient damage, it will cloak.

Tactical Officer:

Tarsen has cloaked his ship, sir.

He will not escape for long. His cloaking device is damaged, and I'm detecting a high concentration of tetryon particles in the asteroid belt. He may have done there to perform emergency repairs.

Locking coordinates on his location now.

Track Tarsen.

Track down Tarsen[edit | edit source]

Head to the next Nav Beacon. Here you will encounter some Klingon Birds-of-Prey which are obviously hostile to the House of Martok.

Defeat Tarsen[edit | edit source]

Engage and destroy the Birds of Prey, and Tarsen will uncloak for another brief battle, but will flee before his ship can be defeated.

Tactical Officer:

Impossible! Tarsen is being assisted by Klingons!

I'm picking up another pocket of tetryon particles, sir, but I suggest caution. If these captains are so dishonorable that they would fight us to help a Romulan, they may have allies lurking in wait to ambush us.

Putting coordinates onscreen, Captain.

Track Tarsen.

Track down Tarsen[edit | edit source]

Head to the final Nav Beacon, where you will encounter additional hostile Klingon forces.

Defeat Tarsen[edit | edit source]

Defeat the Klingon Birds-of-Prey and Tarsen's ship will uncloak and engage you again. This time, it will not flee before you can finish it off.

Tactical Officer:

Captain, we detected a transporter signal from Tarsen's ship to Forcas III moments before the ship was destroyed. We should follow him.

Beam down to Forcas III.

Forcas III[edit | edit source]

Heir We Go Again[edit | edit source]

Go To Forcas III[edit | edit source]

Beam down to the surface of Forcas III. You will be going alone to avoid drawing too much attention to your goals.

Tactical Officer:

You shouldn't take a team with you, Captain. If Tarsen has Klingons helping him on Forcas, a team of warriors will give our intentions away.

We'll stay in contact if you need assistance.

Also, be careful which questions you ask and who you talk to. We don't want to start rumors that the House of Martok is weak.

Question Bar Patrons[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

While you may not want to draw a large amount of attention to yourself, remember that protecting M'ven is your highest priority. Let no one stand in your way when you're looking for Tarsen.

That being said, a Romulan should stand out in an arena full of Klingons! You may want to start by asking people in the bar area if they've seen or heard anything unusual.

Question the bar patrons.

Head into the bar area and question the patrons.

Bar Patron:

Did you see J'mpok when he was young and still fighting in the tournament? Now that was something to behold.

He was masterful and fluid, not like the young targs here these days. I'm surprised that some of them can hold onto their bat'leths for the entire match.

Bar Patron:

Wonderful! Another stout warrior eager to hear a story from my glory days in battle!

Pull up a chair and I'll allow you the honor of buying me a bloodwine!

Bar Patron:

Have you seen the fighter from the House of Duras? He looks like a real contender for Champion standing!

I'll bet you a barrel of bloodwine that he wins without taking a single wound!

Bar Patron:

If General Chang fought Dahar Master Kor, both fighting in their prime fighting condition, who do you think would take Champion standing?

Bar Patron:

What do you think of the new rule restricting bat'leth lengths to between 110 and 120 centimeters?

I personally won't use anything other than the traditional 116-centimeter length, but I can understand the desire for customization of one's weapons.

Eventually, you will find someone who will provide information you need.

Bar Patron:

Do you really think a Romulan would be foolish enough to beam down to an arena filled with hundreds of Klingon warriors?

Besides, ever since that one tournament where the champion of the House of Mo'Kai used a transporter to steal his opponent's bat'leth in the middle of a fight, there are transport inhibitors in place. The only places they can operate are the transport pads and cargo storage.

Tactical Officer:

Captain, I've checked the arena's transport logs, and Tarsen did not arrive at the transport pads.

He must have beamed into the storage areas behind the transporter rooms.

Investigate the storage areas for signs of Tarsen.

Check Security Logs[edit | edit source]

Head to the security office to the Southwest of the map and check the security logs. The security guards there may not take kindly to interlopers.

Locate and upload the transporter logs.

Transporter Logs:

I've examined the transporter logs that you uploaded, sir, and it appears that Tarsen transported into the cargo bay. Unfortunately, the doors to that area have been sealed and there is a security lockout preventing me from unlocking them.

Your best chance of getting in is to disrupt the power flow to those doors.

Go to the generator room and shut off the power to the cargo bay doors.

Disrupt Power to Cargo Bay Doors[edit | edit source]

The generator room is located to the West end of the complex. The engineers there will also react with hostility to unauthorized entry.

Overload the cargo bay doors.

Tactical Officer:

Captain, it appears that you were able to unlock the outer door to the cargo bay, but the inner door has been sealed shut.

I'm detecting Romulan lifesigns inside, sir. You've found Tarsen, but you'll have to blast through the door to get to the miserable to'ba!

Blast through the inner door to gain entry into the cargo bay.

Blast Through the Inner Cargo Bay Doors[edit | edit source]

Head to the cargo bay, located to the Northwest end of the complex. Here you will encounter M'ven, son of Drex.


I was told that I needed to deal with a dispute over my equipment for the tournament, but if what you say is true, this was a ruse created by the Romulans you are hunting.

I will defend my house until my last breath. Come! I will join you in battle against Tarsen!

Defeat Romulan Assassins[edit | edit source]

With the assistance of M'ven, take on Tarsen and his assassins.


Tarsen is mine! Honor demands it!

Talk to M'ven[edit | edit source]

M'ven has been mortally wounded in your battle, but still has enough in him for one last


This ... was ... an ... honorable ... death ....

Tactical Officer:

M'ven died a good death in battle. He will live on in Sto-vo-kor.

Now we must look to protecting the interests of the House of Martok. Their champion is dead, but withdrawing from the tournament would be shameful. They are an honorable house, and they must be represented.

Captain, I think you should take M'ven's place. You are the House of Martok's best hope of victory.

Search out Worf. He is gin'tak to the House of Martok, and the most trusted adviser of Drex and Lady Sirella. He will understand.

Talk to Worf.

In the Name of the Father[edit | edit source]

Talk to Worf[edit | edit source]

Go locate Worf, who can be found in one of the rooms which surround the tournament arena, to the East end of the complex.


M'ven was a brave warrior, one that I have had the pleasure of knowing since he was a child. He was as dear to me as my own sons.

Drex will want vengeance. As will I.

There is too much riding on this tournament for the House of Martok to withdraw. I would take M'ven's place in the arena myself, but that would be putting my desires above the needs of the House of Martok.

The arena is a place for the young.

There are Bat'leths in the crate behind you. When you are prepared, report to the referee and fight for the House of Martok.

Fight in M'ven's place in the Bat'leth competition.

Report to Referee[edit | edit source]

Head to the arena and speak to K'nigh, the Referee.

Tournament Referee:

I grieve to hear that M'ven has fallen in battle. I was looking forward to watching him fight in this tournament.

I run a very strict ring. Any use of weapons outside of hands and blades will be punished severely! Do not bring dishonor upon yourself and the house you represent!

When you are ready to begin the fight, enter the center arena. Your opponent waits for you.

Enter the arena.

Enter the Arena[edit | edit source]

You will enter the ring against a House of Konjah Warrior. Even though the referee states that only "hands and blades" are allowed in the arena, there is no actual restriction placed on your character, and you can use whatever weapons or kits that you wish.

Defeat your opponent and you will have completed all the mandatory objectives of this mission.

Tactical Officer:

Well done, Captain!

The honor of the House of Martok has been preserved by your actions in the bat'leth tournament.

You have received a trophy for your actions. The crew would like to share in your honor and have the trophy installed on the I.K.S. Prusano.

Place bat'leth tournament trophy on your ship.
When you place a trophy, the mission will end. You will not have an option to return to the tournament.

However, more glory is available if you desire it!

Silver Linings (optional)[edit | edit source]

Talk to Worf[edit | edit source]

Step to the side of the ring and have a word with Worf.


You did well, <Rank>, but do not start your celebration prematurely.

Your opponent lacked skill and training. The bat'leth is a weapon of honor, not a farming implement.

This next round will be much harder. Prepare yourself.

Report to the referee for the second round of the tournament.

Report to Referee[edit | edit source]

If you are willing to continue in the tournament, step to the Referee again.

Tournament Referee:

Welcome to the second round of the competition, <Rank> <Name>.

The urge to use forbidden weapons will be greater now that your weaker opponents have been weeded out, but I assure you I will be keeping a vigilent eye out for anyone who fights dishonorably.

When you are ready to begin the fight enter the center arena. Your opponent awaits you there.

Enter the arena.

Enter the Arena[edit | edit source]

This time you will be matched with a House of Antaak Officer. This opponent will be tougher than the first.

Going for Gold (optional)[edit | edit source]

Talk to Worf[edit | edit source]

Once you have defeated your opponent, you have the opportunity to compete in the final round of the tournament, if you desire. Speak to Worf.


Well done. You have carried the honor of the House of Martok into the final round of the tournament.

Fight well and your name will be lauded throughout the Empire. Bring glory to the House of Martok ... and to M'ven. He would be pleased that you have done so well.

Report to the referee for the final round of the tournament.

Report to Referee[edit | edit source]

Speak to the Referee one more time.

Tournament Referee:

You know the rules.

Your opponent and honor await in the arena.

Enter the arena.

Win Final Round of Bat'leth Tournament[edit | edit source]

You will be matched against a House J'mpok Swordmaster in the final round.

Defeat this opponent and you are declared champion.

Tactical Officer:

Qapla'! Well done, Captain!

You have won Champion standing and done a great service for the House of Martok.

Lady Sirella will mourn her grandson, but she will be pleased that you completed his task and her House was not dishonored in the tournament.

Once you have advanced as far as you desire (or are capable of) in the tournament, return to your ship.

Your Ship[edit | edit source]

Place Bat'leth Tournament Trophy on Your Ship[edit | edit source]

Tactical Officer:

To place a trophy on your ship:

Select "Visit the Bridge" from the menu attached to your mini-map. Travel to the Crew Deck via the Turbolift. Enter the Mess Hall. Select "Setup Trophies". Select one of the Bat'leth Tournament trophies from among the available ground accolade trophies.

Place bat'leth tournament trophy on your ship.

Follow these instructions and place one of the Bat'leth Tournament trophies on a pedistal in your Mess Hall, so that your crew may know of your prowess.

      • WARNING*** Setting up your trophy completes the mission. You will be unable to return to the Bat'leth tournament and achieve first place. Make sure you have done this BEFORE placing your trophy. Unless you're ok with being mediocre.

To set up your Bat'leth Tournament trophy, you have to be aboard your ship. Visit your starship bridge. Take the turbolift to the crew deck. Go to the Mess Hall. Approach the trophy wall (the one with shelves on it). Select "Setup Trophies." Select "Floor." Select "Accolades." Select your Bat'leth Tournament Trophy (First/Second/Third Place).

Speak with Worf[edit | edit source]

With the mission complete, report to Worf.


Champion standing! You have a talent for combat.

Sirella mourns for M'ven, but her cares must be for the House. There are many who depend on the House of Martok for their safety and prosperity. She will not leave them unprotected.

The memory of her husband ... and now her grandson ... will be maintained with honor. You have my thanks for helping the House of Martok