Mission: Borg Disconnected/Walkthrough

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Upon entering the system, the players are welcomed and briefed by Seven of Nine (voice over by Jeri Ryan) in her capacity as liaison between the Alliance and the Borg Cooperative (see “Alliances”). According the briefing, after being defeated in the Alpha Quadrant (see “Into the Hive”/ “Hive Onslaught”), the Borg Queen has downloaded her consciousness to a new body in the Delta Quadrant. Due to this process, her control over the collective has been diminished, and to reinforce it she is recalling affected vessels to assemble for re-assimilation. The Cooperative has a vested interest in disrupting this process and seizing this opportunity to release said vessels from the collective. However, in their current capacity they are unable to do so and ask for the Alliance's help.

The mission progresses through four main stages. In each of the first three stages the main objective is to safely liberate fifteen susceptible vessels within an allotted time interval (of a few minutes) by uploading a special virus to disconnect them from the collective -- this objective is optional on Normal but required on Advanced and Elite. However, these vessels are making their way to one of three re-assimilation centers, and if they reach them they will be reconnected, no longer susceptible to the virus and become hostile. Disconnected ships do not spawn if no player is around or while a reconnected ship is not destroyed. Furthermore, each of these stages provides additional challenges for this task:

  • Initially, only collective vessels are disrupting the player, since uploading the virus cannot be done while taking damage. Special care must be taken not to attract the Borg plasma torpedoes, as their DoT can make freeing for several seconds impossible.
  • In the second stage, the Undine are warping in and start opening rifts that hold and damage Borg vessels (both normal and disconnected. The players are required to deal with the additional enemy ships, close the rifts (not interrupted by damage), and manage to free the susceptible vessels before they are re-assimilated or destroyed. On the plus sides the connected Borg and Undine do fight each other and careful players can use this distraction to free ships without taking fire themselves.
  • In the third stage, specialized anti-Borg Voth vessels and escorts arrive in the system in order to eliminate the Borg and Undine operations, resulting in a 4 faction firefight. Their Borg killer frigates carry specialized torpedoes that can only be destroyed by ramming into them and need only 3 hits to kill a cube. While they seem to prefer disconnected ships as their target (if present), if the original target warps out or is destroyed they will take other Borg as target (including the one shooting the players). That makes these frigates potentially useful against hostile Borg. In addition the other Voth ships tend to use Beam: Fire at Will, which can make freeing ships temporarily impossible.

The players are required to deal with the additional enemy ships (especially the anti-Borg frigates), close the Undine rifts, protect the susceptible vessels from the Voth torpedoes, and manage to free them before they are re-assimilated or destroyed.

The final stage of the mission involves a Boss fight against the three major powers, who are sending in their strongest Dreadnoughts: the Borg Octahedron, the Voth Citadel Dreadnought, and the Undine Tethys Bio-Dreadnought. The players are instructed by Seven of Nine to seize the opportunity and destroy all three dreadnoughts within an allotted time interval of a few minutes. However, in addition to the general time interval, after destroying one of the ships, an second timer starts and the players are expected to "finish off" the other two ships within one minute of destroying the first one -- this is optional on Normal.