Mission: Boldly They Rode/Walkthrough

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Activate Maintenance Safety Posts For this; simply activate the panel to your right. This will extend the safety posts.

Next, you will be told to jump from post to post; simply use the TAB key or select each post manually, then press the "Reaction Thrusters" button on your Powers Tray. Do this for each post.

Re-Route External Sensors

For this small puzzle, there seems to be no set configuration, so you'll have to do this manually. Around the side of the large crater-like hatch, there will be two panels; each panel will give you the configuration of two subsystems, for a total of four. The subsystems will be represented as one "notch" on the meter that is shown to you; all you have to do is note down which subsystem is assigned to which notch (note: some subsystems share notches). Then simply return to the smaller hatch, and reconfigure the sensors by putting in the correct sequence.

Reconfigure Isolinear Chips

Again, like the last puzzle, this Isolinear Chip Alignment puzzle has no set solution. It's easy enough though, simply use the options to shift the green, blue and white chips so that their top halves and bottom halves are aligned; then hit "Override". You can quickly align them by doing the following order: Column 2 Down, Row 1 Right, Row 1 Right, Column 1 Down.