Mission: Asteroid Mining/Walkthrough

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Travel to Vlugta Asteroid Field[edit | edit source]

First, the player must enter or already be in the Alpha Quadrant Sector Space map to reach the Vlugta Astoroid Field, found in the Bajor Sector to the 'east' of Deep Space Nine. After travelling to the Asteroid Field, the player must click the button to enter and will be taken to the interior of a Ferengi ship orbiting the mining asteroid.

Talk with Isihl[edit | edit source]

If Isihl wasn't contacted through the available missions tab in the Journal or by using a Rich Dilithium Mining Claim, she can be found almost directly ahead of the player and must be interacted with to receive the Asteroid Mining mission.

Environment Suit[edit | edit source]

A player MUST have an Environmental Suit to participate in Asteroid Mining. If a player hasn't received one from “Boldly They Rode” or “A Step Between Stars”, Armored Environment Suits can be purchased off the Exchange as 'Tholian Equipment Requisitions' (Received randomly along with Sonic Antiproton weapons), various suits can be bought from the Dilithium Store button on the User Interface under the EV Suits tab, or an EV Suit can be purchased from Brol, the Ferengi on the platform behind Isihl. Once a player has an EV Suit, they should equip it by opening the Status screen (Default button 'U') and swapping it for their currently equipped armor (Body) - don't forget to swap it back after you're done mining!

Now, click the button to 'Exit Airlock'

Mining[edit | edit source]

Your mini map will highlight 5 prospecting locations which you can mine in any order. Once at the location, click the button to mine and the mining mini-game will begin. Use the on-screen arrow buttons or your keyboard's arrow keys to rotate and focus the white triangle to align with the red triangle. When both triangles are aligned, you'll earn points, but beware, the red triangle will randomly change position and size and you must realign the triangles. The mining mini-game will last for sixty (60) seconds. At the end of this time, you will be awarded Dilithium Ore Dilithium Ore icon.png based on your points.

You can now return to the Ferengi ship or beam directly back to your own vessel. Again, don't forget to swap your EV suit and armor back before you enter any missions.

Wrapping Up[edit | edit source]

All that's left to do is to refine your Dilithium Ore; this is done using the Assets tab of the Inventory. In the subsection for Dilithium, under your current Ore and Refined totals, should be a button for 'Refine Dilithium'.