Mission: Acamar System Patrol/Walkthrough

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Tau Dewa Sector Block - Azure Sector[edit | edit source]

The Acamar System is located in the Tau Dewa Sector Block, in the middle of the Azure Sector

This mission is the easiest and fastest of all the system patrol missions, and can be completed to earn progress toward the patrol daily. Just re-enter the system once you've completed the negotiations, and you should be done with the daily in 15-20 minutes.

Daily mission: Tau Dewa Sector Patrol (Daily) Link: [1]

Rendezvous with Acamarian Clan Leader[edit | edit source]

Upon entering the system, your bridge officer will begin a conversation with you, click continue, and proceed directly ahead to rendezvous with the Acamarian Clan Leader. Once you finish the conversation with her, turn left and follow her to meet with the rival clan leaders.

Once you have arrived, begin the negotiations. Make sure you read what the issue is after hailing the rivals, it is key to a successful resolution to the issue!

There are three topics currently, each with their own responses. Saying the wrong thing can send negotiations into a downward spiral very quickly.

DISPUTES[edit | edit source]

Select from below the best dispute described:

Resources And Food Dispute[edit | edit source]

The first, and most common, issue is about the need for resources and food for the clans. Each will state their opinions on the issue, then you must offer your input.

Responses[edit | edit source]

-First respond with the need for the clans to aid each other, this will not upset either side.

-Next respond with the clans admitting their needs, as this will also not upset either side.

-Finish with the response that there are other systems in the area with the technology needed for the clans.

The issue will be resolved, and you are free to leave the system.

Planets and Moons Land & Politics Dispute[edit | edit source]

The next issue that may be brought up is that the rival clans are being pushed to outer planets and moons, being forced off Acamar. This topic is a bit touchy, and the wrong response can end negotiations rather quickly. Again each side will state their opinions, and many responses can seem like a good idea, but in reality, only one set will ensure success.

Responses[edit | edit source]

-The first response must be about the spacefaring culture they have, and that expansion will happen.

-The next response is touchy for both sides, so you must be careful here. It is best to respond with the self-sufficiency idea. It will anger one side, but it can be resolved. The other option will do the same for the opposite side, but cannot be talked out of.

-Next offer compensation to the rival clans that must live away from the home planet. This will alleviate the rivals' anger, and neutralize the negotiations.

-Follow this with the idea for recognition for the work they do to provide for the Acamarians.

This will resolve the issue, and both sides will agree.

Tal Shiar Attack[edit | edit source]

Apparently the Tal Shiar have been evesdropping and are unhappy with the results; destroy 2 waves of ships before you are then free to leave the system.

Assassins Dispute[edit | edit source]

The last issue that can come up is less likely to come up, but is again a touchy subject. The rival clans are suspicious of the government sending assassins to kill them when they come to negotiate. Wrong responses can end negotiations quickly.

Responses[edit | edit source]

-Once both sides offer their input on the problem, offer that each clan provides its own private security and bodyguards.

-After their response, offer to use holoprojection and have offsite negotiations. This will catch a somewhat negative response, but it's the best option.

-Then offer to allow for bodyguards and personal security.

-This seems to be counter intuitive, but it's the only way to ensure you achieve success during this negotiation.

The issue will the resolved, and you will be free to leave the system.