Mission: A Light in the Dark/Walkthrough

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Journey to and through fludic space.

Go to Kuda System, Pelia Sector. Escort an Allied Ship transporting a telepath in to fluidic space, the Allied ship opens the necessary rift.

Fight off Unide while allied ship containing telepath races ahead. After 3 or 4 skirmishes with Undie ships the Allied Ship gets boarded and Telepath gets kidnapped. The Unide ships goes to warp and detonates the Allied ship as soon as you open fire upon it.

Follow Undie Ship to the 'Organic Structures' green blobs, not the black blob patrolled by Unide. The First green 'coral reef' type thing has a dome on top, destory the guarding Undie ships then beam down to dome. All of the Undie ships seem to be far enough apart that you can get into individual fights with them except for the two guarding the dome. The Undie ships them selves are relatively tough but can't handle an intelligent opponent who fights tactically. Gratuitous use of buffs and debuff's seemed to give them a hard time.

Rescue the Captives Away Mission.

Lots of Undie, not to hard. Shielded 'Boss' Undie cause the most problems but a full away team getting flanking damage on them kills them quite quickly. The Membranes to weaken are located at end of tube like structure protruding from underneath Raised Structures. They are highlighted as green circles on the map.

Weaken membranes, captives runs out, tag them for transport. As soon as you do an Undie squad beams in at close proximity. Fight them. Do this 5 times at each of the green circles highlighted on the map. It's hectic, try to transport the prisoner out before or as the Undie arrive.

Last two / three membranes are located relatively close together, be careful of being flooded by multiple Undie squads once you get into a fight with one. The guard squads by the membranes will stay in place but the squads milling around in the 'central' area will pursue you away from that area.


There are two or three Anomalies scattered around the map, successful scans will reward zenobiologic samples, unknown materials and the like. At least one Anomaly seemed to be guarded by an Undie squad, the others where located whilst trying to get to higher ground to ambush the Undie patrol and membrane guard squads.

Post Rescue.

The Telepath is located in the raised structure near the opposite corner of the map from where you start meaning you should get to her last. After being rescued she begins to describe the Undies motives for attacking the species of normal space revealing the Undie have been threatened first by a humanoid species that have accessed fluidic space via a gateway which the Undie would like you to see. She then begins to lead the way to wards the Gatway.

Apparently not all the Undie got the message about them wanting you to see the gate because 3 to 4 Undie squads teleport in along the route to try and stop you. Again because they attack as single squads they're not to much of a problem. A squad of Undie recruits are guarding the gateway, these should be even less of a problem.

After the skirmish approach the Gateway which detects your shuts down allowing you to examine it. Your scans reveal that it's Iconian in origin (no, really?!?) at which point some one suggest overloading it in a controlled fashion, apparently the Undie don't like this plan and the big Boss teleports in to try and stop you. He is the toughest of all the opponents on the level but because he's on his own he's not a huge threat. he tries to flank you if you start doing serious damage.

After dispatching him, pick up his drop before approaching the gate way console to start the overload, upon starting it you will immediately beam back to the ship which immediately returns to Pelia Sector space. Go back and clear up an Anomalies or Drops you want to do but didn't get chance to before you set the overload if you can be bothered. It's pretty worth doing as a lot of the drops did seem to be uncommon or better.