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Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit

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Faction Romulan Republic.pngMirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit
Mirror Dhelan Retrofit.jpg
Rank background icon.png
Subadmiral I Rank icon (Romulan Republic).png
Shield modifier:
Turn rate:
Impulse modifier:
Inertia rating:
Bonus Power:
+10 weapons power
+5 engine power
Bridge Officers:
Commander Tactical Lieutenant Tactical Lieutenant Commander Engineering Lieutenant Engineering Ensign Science
Fore 4 Aft 3
Can equip dual cannons.
Type-specific slot:
Experimental Weapon
Device slots:
Console tac icon.png 4 Console eng icon.png 3 Console sci icon.png 2
Generic Lock Box v2.png
Admiralty stats:
Adm eng rom.png 24 Adm tac rom.png 44 Adm sci rom.png 15
Disambig icon.png This article is about playable starship. For NPC vessel, see Dhelan Warbird (Mob).

The Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit is a Subadmiral I (Tier 5) level Warbird. This ship is available to Romulan Republic players as a rare drop from the [Hirogen Lock Box] or the [Infinity Lock Box]. They may also be found on the exchange.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Since the first known encounters with them, xenobiologists have supported theories suggesting that the Tholian Assembly actually spans multiple dimensions in spacetime. These claims are supported by their frequent involvement with the so-called “Mirror Universe,” as well as their apparent interest in the Temporal Cold War, and time displaced artifacts. It is said that the Tholian homeworld inhabits a region of space where the borders between dimensions are unnaturally thin, and that they have developed technology that allows them to cross those borders at will.

Within these areas, Tholian operatives have been utilizing multi-dimensional phasing technology to not only penetrate the borders between our spatial dimensions, but also the barriers of the space-time continuum itself. Their temporal incursions have resulted in the retrieval of technology, weapons, personnel and even entire starships, pulled from distant times and places.

Their temporal incursion technology is not perfect, however. Ripples from their activity have caused uncontrolled temporal anomalies to appear up to several hundred light years from their source. Daredevil profiteers from the Lobi Crystal Consortium have set up an intricate supply chain dedicated to seeking out these uncontrolled ripple anomalies, and exploiting them to retrieve goods that they can then sell to the highest bidders. Starfleet, Klingon Defense Force and Romulan Republic all have an obvious interest in these valuable time-displaced artifacts, for it may be that the fate of time itself will be in the hands of the faction that controls them.

One of the recovered starships is the Romulan Dhelan-class Warbird Retrofit, a Mirror Universe variant of the Republic's own Dhelan Warbird. This vessel has more of an engineering focus in Bridge Officer slots and console configuration when compared to its Prime Universe counterpart.

Alternative Variants[edit | edit source]

Class Information
Ship Variant - ROM - Dhelan Warbird Type 1 (T2).png
Dhelan-class Type 1
Deployed by the Romulan Star Empire in the late 23rd century, the Dhelan-class design was imagined as a bridge between the T'liss-class of the 23rd century and the D'deridex-class of the 24th century.

The Dhelan-class takes visual cues from the Mogai Heavy Warbird. However, this vessel is much stockier, with the main body and wings being shorter and thicker, and comes with a secondary wing that arches over the primary wing.

The Dhelan-class has more customization options than most of the other Romulan Warbird, giving the player an option to choose between three different wing configurations:
  • Type 1 - top wing arching up
  • Type 2 - top wing removed
  • Type 3 - top wing has a much lower arch
Ship Variant - ROM - Dhelan Warbird Type 2 (T2).png
Dhelan-class Type 2
Ship Variant - ROM - Dhelan Warbird Type 3 (T2).png
Dhelan-class Type 3
Ship Variant - ROM - Dhael Warbird Type 1 (T2).png
Dhael-class Type 1
SKIN UNLOCK: Dhael Warbird, 750 Zen small icon.png
When the Romulan Republic began working on expanding its fleet, previously forgotten Dhelan-class was brought back to life and refitted.

The new Dhael-class offers a much sleeker look than the Dhelan-class, but shares the same dual-wing configuration as well as extra armor plates over the hull and wings.

Players can choose between two different wing configurations:
  • Type 1 - with the top wing
  • Type 2 - without the top wing
Ship Variant - ROM - Dhael Warbird Type 2 (T2).png
Dhael-class Type 2
Ship Variant - ROM - Hathos Warbird (T6).png
SKIN UNLOCK: Hathos Warbird, 3,000 Zen small icon.png
The Hathos-class is based upon highly successful designs for the Dhelan-class, but designed with a Reman aesthetic in mind, giving her a more aggressive look. Hathos-class also comes with Tulwar, Scimitar and Falchion material types, unlocking them for all Dhelan variants.

Admiralty Ship[edit | edit source]

Admiralty Ship
Shipshot Background Admiralty Romulan.png
Shipshot Warbird 2retro Mirror.png
Shipshot Frame Tactical Romulan.png
Shipshot Frame Uncommon.png
Adm eng rom.png 24 Adm tac rom.png 44 Adm sci rom.png 15
-25% Maintenance per EngShip

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Universal Consoles[edit | edit source]

The Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit doesn't come equipped with any universal consoles.

However, it can equip [Console - Universal - Singularity Inverter] and [Console - Universal - Sabotage Probe Launcher] which form the Enhanced Defensive Systems Set. These consoles are obtainable with Dhael Warbird (T2) and Dhelan Warbird Retrofit (T5), but can also be equipped on the Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit. For each console added after the first, an additional passive bonus is unlocked.

Battle Cloak

The Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit has a battle cloak that allows the ship to cloak during combat, granting stealth and a damage bonus upon decloaking.

Experimental Weapon[edit source]

The Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit comes with an Experimental Weapon slot. This additional slot does not fit standard weapons. Unlike standard starship weapons, Experimental weapons are not affected by weapon firing modes, such as those granted by bridge officer abilities.

Singularity[edit source]

Romulan Warbird vessels come with built-in Singularity abilities. These abilities do not automatically rank up when acquiring higher tier Warbirds. These powers build in severity based on the charge built up by the ship's Singularity Core.

Standard Configuration[edit | edit source]

Romulan starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship's minimum rank. The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.

Ship Comparison[edit | edit source]

Following table compares Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit with its Prime Universe and fleet variants.
Ship Rank Tier Hull  Hull modifier  Shield modifier  Fore weapons Aft weapons Can equip dual cannons? Console tac icon.png Console eng icon.png Console sci icon.png Ship Devices Hangar Bay slots Uni BOffs Turn rate Impulse modifier IR Cost
Romulan Republic
Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit 40
Rank background icon.png
Subadmiral I Rank icon (Romulan).png
5 31500 0 0.95 4 3 4 3 2 2 Commander TacticalLieutenant TacticalLieutenant Commander EngineeringLieutenant EngineeringEnsign Science 16 0.2 70 Generic Lock Box v2.png
Romulan Republic
Dhelan Warbird Retrofit 50
Rank background icon.png
Vice Admiral Rank icon (Romulan).png
5 31500 1.05 0.95 4 3 4 2 3 2 Console - Universal - Sabotage Probe icon.png Commander TacticalEnsign TacticalLieutenant EngineeringLieutenant Commander ScienceLieutenant Universal 16 0.2 70 2000 Zen small icon.png
Romulan Republic
Fleet Dhelan Warbird Retrofit 50
Rank background icon.png
Vice Admiral Rank icon (Romulan).png
5 34650 1.155 1.045 4 3 5 2 3 2 Commander TacticalEnsign TacticalLieutenant EngineeringLieutenant Commander ScienceLieutenant Universal 16 0.2 70 20000 Fleet Credits
4 Fleet Ship Module icon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Acquiring the Mirror Universe Dhelan Warbird Retrofit unlocks the Mirror Ship Material for all Dhelan-class variants.
  • This vessel comes with an A.R.W. registry name prefix option.

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