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The Miranda bridge pack features two robust, whimsical and creatively outlined bridges, and one thoroughly minimalist and derivative bridge. All share the same size, wall-plan and general layout of the Basic Bridges, but they are anything but barren.

The Miranda bridge pack is purchased from Cryptic's Cryptic Store at a cost of 400 Zen small icon.png. It is unique in that it is the only pack wherein different bridges have differing Master Systems Displays (in that one bridge has an MSD and two do not.)

Alpha[edit | edit source]

The Alpha bridge features seven of the player's Bridge Officers, as well as the Master Systems Display of the Hermes-class Fleet Escort.

Starboard Wide View Alpha MSD Wide View
The Starboard wide view of the Alpha bridge. Wide view to the starboard aft; MSD in the center.
Alpha Port Console facing Aft Alpha Port Console Facing Fore
The unique port console on the Alpha, facing aft. Same console, facing the fore. Beta has this console, too.

Beta[edit | edit source]

The Beta bridge features seven of the player's Bridge Officers and no Master Systems Display. It also has uniquely dark furniture for a Federation starship.

View from the Beta Viewscreen View of the Beta Group Workspace
The view from the Viewscreen. The unique group workspace console on the Alpha and Beta.
The Dedication Plaque. It's blank. The Ceiling Window.
The entrance hallway to the bridge. Note the plaque is blank. The ceiling window on the Beta bridge, and stars through it.

Gamma[edit | edit source]

The Gamma bridge features six of the player's Bridge Officers and no MSD. It is extremely minimalist in design.

Wide Forward The view from the Viewscreen.
Wide forward view. The viewscreen's point of view.
Look at that unique console. The focus is on the console. I swear. Note also the air-beatboxing beanpole Betazoid tactical officer and the Andorian engineer whose legs have phased through his seat.
The gamma port console is very detailed. Note the multiple upright control panels.