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The Minimap on PC
The Minimap on Consoles

The Minimap is a user interface element in Star Trek Online. It provides a top-down view of the players immediate environment, showing the location of team members, enemies, and the players direction and camera angle.

The player's bridge officers and constructions such as turrets show as green circles. Other friendly or neutral NPCs are shown as white dots, hostile NPCs as red dots. Objectives are highlighted as large white or yellow tinted areas with a dashed circle around them.

Pressing M gives access to area and galaxy maps, as well as the systems list.


A variety of buttons and displays surround the map on all sides. Starting on the top left corner and going clockwise they are

  • clock - dislaying the time of your set time zone
  • current location - the name of your current map and its instance number (click to switch instances)
  • Display Big Map
  • Character Status
  • Inventory
  • Access In-Game Mail
  • Social - displays friends list, blocked users etc.
  • Game Menu - access game option, change character, log out etc.
  • Help and Support
  • More (dropdown menu with additional selections)
  • Your Fleet
  • PvE Task Force Operations
  • Duty Officers
  • Visit the Dilithium Store
  • Visit the C-Store
  • Hail Starfleet/KDF
  • Scan Area - scan the area to be pointed to the closest areas of interest (e.g., mission objectives or anomalies)
  • Transwarp
  • Abort Mission / Beam To Ship / Depart System (depending on where you are).

  • + Zoom In
  • - Zoom Out