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The Minimap

The Minimap is a user interface element in Star Trek Online. It provides a top-down view of the players immediate enviroment, showing the location of team members, enemies, and the players direction and camera angle.

A variety of buttons and displays surround the map on all sides. Starting on the top left corner and going clockwise they are

  • clock - dislaying the time of your set time zone
  • current location - the name of your current map and its instance number (click to switch instances)
  • Display Big Map
  • Character Status
  • Inventory
  • Access In-Game Mail
  • Social - displays friends list, blocked users etc.
  • Game Menu - access game option, change character, log out etc.
  • Help and Support
  • More (dropdown menu with additional selections)
  • Your Fleet
  • PvE Queues
  • Duty Officers
  • Visit the Dilithium Store
  • Visit the C-Store
  • Hail Starfleet/KDF
  • Scan Area - scan the area to be pointed to the closest areas of interest (e.g., mission objectives or anomalies)
  • Transwarp
  • Abort Mission / Beam To Ship / Depart System (depending on where you are).

  • + Zoom In
  • - Zoom Out