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Mine Launcher

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Overview[edit | edit source]

Photon Mine Launcher Mk I icon.png

Mine Launchers don't have a firing arc per se, but are launched and are stationary until an enemy ship comes within a 2km proximity of them (this range can be increased to 4kms), at which time they will pursue and detonate upon impact. Mines are not affected by weapon power.

Mine Launchers share a cooldown, like all cannons and torpedo launchers, preventing the player from laying large minecarpets.

Types[edit | edit source]

There are several types of Mine Launcher available in the game which are listed below. Each type of mine holds a different bonus (often referred to as a proc). The damage done by these weapons is modified by several Captain skills from the skill tables and also by other means such as Tactical Consoles. The baseline damage is dependant on the meta-level of the launcher and its rarity. For more information on the base damage done by mine launcher weapons, see the respective weapon type articles.

  • Photon: High DPS, 14.3 second reload
  • Quantum: High Damage per mine, 20 second reload
  • Plasma: Plasma dot, 15.3 second reload
  • Transphasic: +80% Bonus Shield Penetration, 20 second reload
  • Chroniton: Signifcantly reduced Flight Speed and Turn rate for 10 sec per mine, 20 second reload
  • Tricobalt: Highest Damage, disables target for 2 sec, repel, 28.6 second reload

Performance[edit | edit source]

Modifiers[edit | edit source]

Skills[edit | edit source]

Skill Rank Effects
Starship Weapons Training Ensign All weapons damage, innate skill increased by leveling.
Projectile Weapon Training Lieutenant Projectile weapon damage.
Weapon Specialization Commander Projectile weapon critical severity.
Weapon Amplification Commander Proijectile weapon critical hit chance.

BOff Skills[edit | edit source]

Name Level/Rank Description
Ability: Dispersal Pattern Alpha II, III, IV Lays a series of small mine clusters behind your ship.
Ability: Dispersal Pattern Beta II, III, IV Lays a wide net of mines behind your ship.
Ability: Relocate Mines Level 38 Transports all of your Space Mines to an area around the target enemy ship, minimum distance 2km, maximum 5km.

Consoles[edit | edit source]

Consoles increasing damage[edit source]

v · d · e · +
+Mine Damage consoles
Icon Console name Effects
Console - Tactical - Variable Geometry Detonators icon.png
Common icon.png
Variable Geometry Detonators Mine damage.
Console - Tactical - Auto Targeting Module icon.png
Rare icon.png
Auto Targeting Module
 Dyson Joint Task Force Reputation item.
It can enhance specific damage type
or weapon type (+Mine damage).
Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Exploiter icon.png
Ultra rare icon.png
Vulnerability Exploiter [+Mine]
 Requires access to Tier II Fleet Spire.
+__ Mine Damage
+__% Critical Severity.
Console - Tactical - Vulnerability Locator icon.png
Ultra rare icon.png
Vulnerability Locator [+Mine]
 Requires access to Tier II Fleet Spire.
+__ Mine Damage
+__% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Defense Platform icon.png
Epic icon.png
Defense Platform
 Limited to Command Battlecruisers/Warbirds.
+25% Mine and Torpedo Damage.
Console - Universal - Heavy Phaser Assault Platform icon.png
Epic icon.png
Heavy Phaser Assault Platform
 Limited to Temporal Battlecruisers.
+15% Mine and Torpedo Damage.
Console - Universal - Microprojectile Barrage Launcher icon.png
Epic icon.png
Microprojectile Barrage Launcher
 Limited to Pilot Escorts/Raptors/Warbirds.
+25% Mine and Torpedo Damage.
Console - Universal - Ordnance Accelerator icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Ordnance Accelerator
 Gamma Task Force Tier 2 Reputation Reward.
+20% Projectile Weapon Damage.
Console - Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console icon.png
Rare icon.png
Rule 62 Multipurpose Combat Console
 Lobi Store item.
+11.4% Mine and Torpedo Damage.
Console - Universal - Swarmer Matrix icon.png
Epic icon.png
Swarmer Matrix
 Kelvin Divergence Lock Box item.
+50 Projectile Weapon Training.
Console - Universal - Hull Image Refractors icon.png
Epic icon.png
Hull Image Refractors
 Kelvin Divergence Lock Box item.
+20% All Damage.
Console - Universal - Interphasic Instability icon.png
Epic icon.png
Interphasic Instability
 Time-limited event reward.
+5% Damage.
Console - Universal - Ominous Device icon.png
Epic icon.png
Ominous Device
 Limited to a specific ship.
+20% All Damage.
Console - Universal - Sustained Radiant Field icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Sustained Radiant Field
 Iconian Resistance Tier 1 Reputation reward.
+10% All Weapon Damage.
Console - Universal - Deconstructive Resonance Emitter icon.png
Epic icon.png
Deconstructive Resonance Emitter
 Infinity Lock Box item.
+15% Kinetic Damage.

Consoles increasing CrtH/CrtD[edit source]

v · d · e
+Critical Chance/Severity consoles
Category Icon Console name Effects
Console - Science - Temporal Disentanglement Suite icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Temporal Disentanglement Suite
 Part of a set (Krenim Temporal Manipulation).
+0-2.5% Critical Chance.
+0-10% Critical Severity.
based on Auxiliary Power level.
Reputation system
Console - Universal - Assimilated Module icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Assimilated Module
 Part of a set (Omega Adapted Borg Technology Set).
+0.92% Critical Chance.
+9.2% Critical Severity.
Console - Tactical - Lorca's Custom Fire Controls icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Lorca's Custom Fire Controls
 Part of a set (Lorca's Ambition).
+3% Critical Chance.
Console - Zero-Point Energy Conduit icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Zero Point Energy Conduit
 Part of a set (Romulan Singularity Harness).
+1.8% Critical Chance.
Lobi store
Altamid Modified Swarm Processor icon.png
Very rare icon.png
Altamid Modified Swarm Processor
 Part of a set (Altamid Adaptation).
+3% Critical Chance.
Console - Bioneural Infusion Circuits icon.png
Rare icon.png
Bioneural Infusion Circuits
 Part of a set (Silent Enemy).
+15.2% Critical Severity.
Console - Tachyokinetic Converter icon.png
Rare icon.png
Tachyokinetic Converter
 Part of a set (Temporal Warfare).
+0.76% Critical Chance.
+7.6% Critical Severity.
Lock box
Console - Universal - Approaching Agony icon.png
Epic icon.png
Approaching Agony
 Obtained from the Emperor's Lock Box.
+1.5% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Delphic Tear Generator icon.png
Epic icon.png
Delphic Tear Generator
 Stand-alone console.
+5% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Sensor Burnout icon.png
Epic icon.png
Sensor Burnout
 Stand-alone console.
+1.5% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Ambush Gateway Generator icon.png
Epic icon.png
Ambush Gateway Generator
 Part of a set (Herald Tactics).
+1% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Battle Module 4000 icon.png
Epic icon.png
Battle Module 4000
 Part of a set (Expedited Delivery).
+1% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Chroniton Fragmentation Warhead Launcher icon.png
Epic icon.png
Chroniton Fragmentation Warhead Launcher
 Part of a set (Delphic Particle Accelerators).
+1% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Dominion Defense Screen icon.png
Epic icon.png
Dominion Defense Screen
 Part of a set (Dominion Console).
+1.2% Critical Chance.
+12.5% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Dominion Targeting Synchronizer icon.png
Epic icon.png
Dominion Targeting Synchronizer
 NOT limited to a specific ship. Part of a set.
+2.5% Critical Chance
with Projectile Weapons.
Console - Universal - Breen Energy Dissipator icon.png
Epic icon.png
Enhanced Breen Energy Dissipator
 Part of a set (Hypercooled Technology).
+1% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Enhanced Dominion Coordination Protocol icon.png
Epic icon.png
Enhanced Dominion Coordination Protocol
 NOT limited to a specific ship. Part of a set.
+8% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System (Federation) icon.png
Epic icon.png
Enhanced Dynamic Tactical System (Federation)
 Stand-alone console.
+12% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Harasser Probes icon.png
Epic icon.png
Harasser Probes
 Part of a set (Vorgon Weapon Expertise).
+8% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - I.F.F. Manipulator icon.png
Epic icon.png
I.F.F. Manipulator
 Stand-alone console.
+10% Critical Severity
with Directed Energy Weapons.
Console - Universal - Incremental Phase Cloaking Device icon.png
Epic icon.png
Incremental Phase Cloaking Device
 Part of a set (Starfleet Assault Cruiser Technology).
+1% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Isometric Dispersal Array icon.png
Epic icon.png
Isometric Dispersal Array
 Part of a set (Alliance Multi-Mission Systems).
+8% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Linked Command Matrix icon.png
Epic icon.png
Linked Command Matrix
 NOT limited to a specific ship. Part of a set.
+2.5% Critical Chance
with Energy Weapons.
Console - Universal - Miradorn Sensor Baffler icon.png
Epic icon.png
Miradorn Sensor Baffler
 Part of a set (Privateer Weapon Modifications).
+1.5% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Plasma Discharge Array icon.png
Epic icon.png
Plasma Discharge Array
 Part of a set (Na'kuhl Plasma Technologies).
+1% Critical Chance.
Console - Universal - Power Dispersal Channel icon.png
Epic icon.png
Power Dispersal Channel
  NOT limited to a specific ship. Part of a set.
+10% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Protomatter Barrage Launcher icon.png
Epic icon.png
Protomatter Barrage Launcher
 Part of a set (Shell Shock Set).
+10% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Sheshar Assault Craft icon.png
Epic icon.png
Sheshar Assault Craft
 Part of a set (Improved Crescent Wave Cannon).
+8% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Temporal Distress Beacon icon.png
Epic icon.png
Temporal Distress Beacon
 Part of a set (Na'kuhl Plasma Technologies).
+12% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Timestream Rift Warhead icon.png
Epic icon.png
Timestream Rift Warhead
 Stand-alone console.
+8% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Weaponized Helical Torsion icon.png
Epic icon.png
Weaponized Helical Torsion
 NOT limited to a specific ship. Stand-alone console.
+15% Critical Severity.
Console - Universal - Wing Torpedo Platforms icon.png
Epic icon.png
Wing Torpedo Platforms
 Part of a set (Allied Dogfighters).
+2.5% Crt Chance with Projectile W.
+20% Crt Severity with Projectile W.

Base Damage Table[edit | edit source]

All values given are for common weapons. There is greater damage with increasing rarity.

Rank Mark Photon Quantum Plasma Chroniton Trans Tricobalt
None I 908.6 - - - - - - - - - - -
II 994.3 - 1,231 - - - - - - - - -
Lt. Cmdr. III 1,080 - 1,337.1 - - - - - - - - -
IV 1,165.7 - 1,443.3 - 915.9 - - - - - - -
Commander V 1,251.4 - 1,549.4 - 983.3 - - - - - - -
VI 1,337.1 - 1,655.5 - 1,050.6 - 1.139 - - - - -
Captain VII 1,422.9 - 1,761.6 - 1,118 - 1,212 - - - - -
VIII 1,508.6 - 1,867.8 - 1,185.3 - 1,285 - 707.6 - - -
Lower Half
Rear Admiral
Upper Half
IX 1,594.3 - 1,972.9 - 1,252.7 - 1,358 - 747.8 - - -
X 1,680 - 2,080 - 1,320 - 1,431 - 788 - 8783.5 -
XI 1,765.7 - 2,186.1 - 1,387.3 - 1,504 - 828.2 - 9231.6 -
XII 1,851.4 - 2,292.2 - 1,454.7 - 1,577 - 868.4 - 9679.8 -
Vice Admiral XIII ??? - ??? - ??? - 1,860.3 - ??? - ??? -
XIV 2,772 - 3,432 - ??? - 2,361.2 - 1,300.2 - 14,492.7 -

Special Mine Launchers[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Effect
[Breen Transphasic Cluster Torpedo] Launches a destructible torpedo that detonates into a spread of transphasic mines.
[Vaadwaur Cluster Torpedo] Launces a destructible torpedo that detonates into a spread of tricobalt mines.
very rare
very rare
[Nukara Web Mine Launcher] Nukara Web Mines entrap an enemy vessel in a constricting web that deals kinetic damage.
[Tractor Beam Mine Launcher] Tractor Beam Mines deal no damage, instead using tractor beams to slow and hold enemy vessels.
[Concentrated Tachyon Mine Launcher] Tachyon mines damage shields instead of hull and reduce energy damage resistance for a short time.
[Tethered Quantum Mine Launcher] Unlike other mines, Tethered Quantum Mines are not dropped normally, instead being pulled along behind the launching ship until an enemy comes in range.

Starship Energy Weapons
Energy Type Beam Cannon
Array & Omni Dual Bank Turret Single Dual & Quad Dual Heavy
Standard Energy Weapons
Cosmetics Energy Weapons (different visuals)
Hybrid Energy Weapons (two standard procs)
Elite Fleet Energy Weapons (standard + extra proc)
Special Energy Weapons (standard + extra proc)
Special Energy Weapons (non-standard proc[s])