Menn Hilo

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StarfleetMenn Hilo
Menn Hilo.png
Military Rank:
Rear Admiral
Critter Rank 4 icon.png
Earth Spacedock

"Commander" Menn Hilo is a Bolian Rear Admiral seated on one of the benches at Earth Spacedock.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Although his name is "Commander Menn Hilo" he wears Rear Admiral rank insignia along with a dress uniform.
  • Until Season 9 and the Earth Spacedock revamp, Hilo conducted conferences on topics such as astrophysics in the Stateroom of Earth Spacedock. Based on his rank, he may be in the high-level position of Commander, Starfleet. When not working on his research, Commander Hilo also conducted the recognition ceremony for Starfleet officers upon their promotion in rank. If you talked to him as a Lieutenant or lower, he refused to do anything other than greet you.