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Whether unarmed or using a Melee weapon, Melee Combat in Star Trek Online provides an alternative to the standard ranged weapon based combat system and comes with its own unique advantages as well as disadvantages.

Melee Combat damage bypasses 80% of a target's shields allowing direct damage to their Hit points, making melee ideal for engaging heavily shielded targets. Additionally the majority of melee attacks have a 10%chance to Expose the target, while the finishers are Exploit attacks. This allows the melee oriented player the opportunity to do a surprising amount of damage as well as set up their traditional weapon based teammates for exploit attacks.

These advantages do come with their own corresponding disadvantages however; in both PvP and PvE, melee oriented players are strongly susceptible to roots, holds, stuns, knockbacks and leave themselves vulnerable to flanking. Care must be taken to avoid the pitfalls of melee play or you risk becoming a detriment to your team.

Melee combat is based off of a 3 strike 'combo' system; Your first strike is the weakest, this is followed by a stronger secondary attack, which is in turn followed by a Finisher. The type of attack as well as the animation are based off of the combination you choose. The attacks are default bound to the 1 and 2 keys, this gives you combo's such as 112, 122, 221, 212 etc.

In addition to the combo attacks you may also use 'Palm Strike' or 'Bat'leth Cross Strike' to knockback the target, decrease your threat, and potentially stun them. These secondary attacks are by default bound to the 3 key.

The first style of melee combat is Martial Arts (Unarmed). This is activated by using a weapon slot with no weapon in it giving you access to your Martial Arts attacks. Martial Arts attacks are typically faster and harder to interrupt then their Bat'leth counterparts as well as having additional debuff affects but do less damage per strike.

--1 Jab: Has an 80% chance to Interrupt, 10% chance to Expose.

-11 Chin Strike: Root for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

112 Haymaker: +300% Critical Chance. Exploit attack.


121 Combined Fist: Knocks back targets in forward cone 3 feet, 10% chance to Expose.

122 Spin Kick: AOE and Exploit attack.


-22 Backhand: Root for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

--2 Punch: -100% run speed for 1 sec, 10% chance to Expose.

-21 Uppercut: 80% chance to Interrupt.

211 Knife Hand Chop: Basic damage + Stacking DoT.

212 Snap Kick: Disables target for 3 secs, 10% chance to Expose.

The second style is Bat'leth combat, these attacks typically hit harder then their Unarmed counterparts but are easier to interrupt as well as having fewer debuffs.

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