Mechanic Kit Modules

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Mechanic Kit Modules are interchangable elements that "plug in" to the Mechanic and Engineering slots of an Engineering Kit Frame, and once slotted, grant usable ground abilities to the player wearing the Kit.

The abilities granted by a Mechanic module generally apply an effect to the user or debuff an enemy, but they're also the class of module that builds bombs and lays minefields.

All of the modules that are found during normal play can be looted in rarities up to Very Rare, but you can purchase Ultra Rare versions from the various Fleet Holdings, and they can also be upgraded with the R&D System.

Icon Module Mark Skill Source Grades
Chroniton Mine Barrier icon (Federation).png Chroniton Mine Barrier I - XII Chroniton Mine Barrier Looted in normal play Common-Ultra Rare
Equipment Diagnostics icon (Federation).png Equipment Diagnostics I - XII Equipment Diagnostics Looted in normal play Common-Ultra Rare
Fuse Armor icon (Federation).png Fuse Armor I - XII Fuse Armor Looted in normal play Common-Ultra Rare
Shield Recharge icon (Federation).png Shield Recharge I - XII Shield Recharge Looted in normal play Common-Ultra Rare
Transphasic Bomb icon (Federation).png Transphasic Bomb I - XII Transphasic Bomb Looted in normal play Common-Ultra Rare
Weapons Malfunction icon (Federation).png Weapons Malfunction I - XII Weapons Malfunction Looted in normal play Common-Ultra Rare
Flash Freeze Bomb icon (Federation).png Flash Freeze Bomb XII Flash Freeze Bomb Winter Event Reputation Store Very Rare
Electrostatic Field icon (Federation).png Electrostatic Field XII Electrostatic Field Delta Expedition Lock Box Very Rare
Psionic Empathy Feedback icon (Federation).png Psionic Empathy Feedback XII Psionic Empathy Feedback Undine Lock Box Very Rare
Shield Pulse icon (Federation).png Shield Pulse XII Shield Pulse Xindi-Amphibious Lock Box Very Rare
Scarab Plating icon (Federation).png Scarab Plating XII Scarab Plating Xindi-Terrestrial Lock Box Very Rare