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Maiori is a Romulan and Reman title referring to the leader of a colony. The Maiori is typically the link between the colony and the worlds beyond, serving as both administrator and diplomat.

Known Maiori[edit | edit source]

Missions Involved[edit | edit source]

  • Faction Romulan Republic.png “A Day in the Sun”: The player reports to Maiori Malem regarding the beacon discovered in the Khellid Caves. Later that evening, Malem is opening the colony's Tapping Festival when the Tal Shiar attack.
  • Faction Romulan Republic.png “Cloak and Dagger”: Undercover in the Tal Shiar, the player assists Vrimek in evacuting Delta Corvi during a combined Tal Shiar/Elachi attack, buying the Maiori time to activate a Thalaron device in a 'scorched earth' manuver. Unfortunately, to keep their cover, the player is forced to allow Vrimek to be captured.

Gallery[edit | edit source]