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DeferiSupply Officer Maela
Military Rank:
Chief Supply Officer
Deferi Outpost 3
Commodities Broker
Mission giver

Chief Supply Officer Maela is a Deferi responsible for the supplies brought by Deferi Transports to Deferi Outpost 3. To aid Deferi colonies and help defend against the Breen she is willing to barter for supplies.

Store[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Price
Industrial Energy Cells icon.png
Common icon.png
[Industrial Energy Cells] 480 Energy credit icon.png
Medical Supplies icon.png
Common icon.png
[Medical Supplies] 120 Energy credit icon.png

Missions given[edit | edit source]

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Supplies Overdue”: Administrator Ferdig delegates you to talk to Maela after fighting off the Breen and retrieving lost supplies. She does not know what the Breen are searching for because they rarely steal anything. Rather, they kill and kidnap the transporter crews but their actions disrupt vital shipments.