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Romulan Star EmpireLynian
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Gasko Station
Information giver

Head Researcher Lynian is the Romulan lead scientist aboard Gasko Station.

Lynian was initially fascinated by the Borg technology the Tal Shiar would bring him to study, but developed misgivings when Romulan Commander N'Vek began experimenting with incorporating Borg technology into the station's citizens. Those who dissented either disappeared or had their families captured to ensure their cooperation.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • FED “Desperate Measures”: The player encounters Lynian, who claims he only helps the Tal Shiar out of concern for his family, who are being held with the families of other station personnel in the medical lab. The player promises to rescue them. He warns the player to be cautious around the Tal Shiar's salvaged Borg technology. After his brother has been rescued, Lynian provides the player with access codes which will wipe the computer core and destroy the Tal Shiar research.

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