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You may be looking for Lorix, a Reman Federation Duty Officer awarded from completing a Tal Shiar Command Code Duty Officer Assignment.
Critter Rank 4 icon.png
Chaltok IV
Colony leader
Death year:

Lortrix is the leader of the Chaltok IV colony. He claims to be running a straightforward colony, but is secretly smuggling weapons. While he sells weapons to any buyer, he maintains ties with the Hirogen and the Tal Shiar.

Lortrix was one of the leaders of a Reman workers strike that turned deadly. He met D'Tan during the negotiations.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • Faction Romulan Republic.png “The Price of Neutrality”: Lortrix greets the player upon their arrival at Chaltok IV. After Hirogen hunters sanctioned by Lortrix attack the player and are defeated, he himself tries to do the deed. Upon his defeat, the player can choose to kill him or to beam him to sickbay. In the second case, he starts to attack the medical staff and dies while being sedated.
  • Faction Romulan Republic.png “Tradecraft”: The player examines the validity of a Tal Shiar report concerning Lortrix.