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Gasko Station
Death year:

Lhaes is a Romulan colonist found on Gasko Station and the older brother of Hiven.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Gasko Blues”: Lhaes, a Romulan colonist on Gasko Station, enlists the aid of the player to free his younger brother, Hiven, who is imprisoned in the brig for claiming one of the station's guards is a Tal Shiar spy. The station's chief security officer, Tobol, escorts the player's away team to station administrator Commander Adar's office to discuss an alliance but this turns out to be a Tal Shiar ambush set up by Hakeev. During the ensuing firefight, Lhaes, Tobol, and possibly Adar are killed. The remaining survivors are evacuated onto the player's ship and Hiven joins the crew as a science officer.