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Legacy of Romulus

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The logo of Legacy of Romulus

Launched on May 21, 2013, Legacy of Romulus was Star Trek Online's first expansion which brought numerous updates to the game, first and foremost a third playable faction, the Romulan Republic.

General[edit | edit source]

Official solicitation cover
  • The new Reputation: Nukara Strikeforce was made public, complete with its own rewards.
  • New Level 20 Nimbus III adventure zone with 6-mission Wasteland story arc and 4 dailies.
  • Players became able to customize and rearrange existing traits.
  • Players became able to unlock additional traits for themselves and their crew.
  • The UI was modified by allowing players to choose from colors for their HUD.
  • Introduced new enemy faction: the Elachi.
  • Introduced Suliban.
  • Introduced Tal Shiar Lock Box.
  • Warp core slot available for non-Romulan starships.
  • The interior of Drozana Station underwent a major overhaul.

Klingon characters[edit | edit source]

The new character creation screen introduced with Legacy of Romulus
  • Instead of having to play a Federation character to level 20 to unlock the creation of a Klingon Empire character, every faction, including the new Romulan Republic, became playable from the beginning of the game.
  • Completely new tutorial for Klingon characters and new story content for levels 1-20.

Playable Romulan Faction[edit | edit source]

Legacy of Romulus - New Starships
Tier Rank Class Type Cost
Tier 1 Civilian/Lieutenant
Civilian Rank Romulan Lt.png
T'liss Light Warbird Standard 8,000Refined dilithium icon.png or FREE*
T'varo Light Warbird Refit 500Zen small icon.png
Tier 2 Centurion
Dhelan Warbird Standard 15,000Refined dilithium icon.png or FREE*
Dhael Warbird Refit 750Zen small icon.png
Tier 3 Subcommander
Mogai Heavy Warbird Standard 40,000Refined dilithium icon.png or FREE*
Valdore Heavy Warbird Refit 1,000Zen small icon.png
Tier 4 Commander
D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Standard 80,000Refined dilithium icon.png or FREE*
D'ridthau Warbird Battle Cruiser Refit 1,500Zen small icon.png
Tier 5 Subadmiral
Rank Romulan LAdm.png
Ha'apax Advanced Warbird Standard 120,000Refined dilithium icon.png or FREE*
Ha'nom Guardian Warbird Standard 120,000Refined dilithium icon.png or FREE*
Ha'feh Assault Warbird Standard 120,000Refined dilithium icon.png or FREE*
Vice Admiral
Rank Romulan VAdm.png
T'varo Light Warbird Retrofit Retrofit 2,000Zen small icon.png
Dhelan Warbird Retrofit Retrofit 2,000Zen small icon.png
Mogai Heavy Warbird Retrofit Retrofit 2,000Zen small icon.png
D'deridex Warbird Battle Cruiser Retrofit Retrofit 2,000Zen small icon.png
Small Craft
Rank Romulan Lt.png
Tiercel Shuttle Shuttle 20,550Energy credit icon.png or FREE**
Kestrel Runabout Runabout 34,250Energy credit icon.png
Scorpion Fighter Fighter 500Zen small icon.png

*with Free Ship Token awarded up to Subadmiral
**obtainable through “Small Packages”

External link[edit | edit source]

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Seasons in Star Trek Online
Update Focus
PC Release Date
Console Release Date
Star Trek Online Game launch
02 Feb 2010
6 Sep 2016
Season 1:
 Common Ground
PvP, new fleet actions, more customization options
24 Mar 2010
Season 2:
 Ancient Enemies
Level cap increase (40-50), Tier 5 ships, new content (Undine Advance, Klingon Sector, Diplomacy missions)
27 Jul 2010
Season 3:
The Foundry (Beta), Sector Space graphics revamp
09 Dec 2010
Season 4:
Ground combat revamp, UI update, revamp of First City
07 Jul 2011
Season 5:
 Call to Arms
Defera Adventure Zone, Duty Officer system, skill revamp and STF overhaul
01 Dec 2011
Season 6:
 Under Siege
Fleet Advancement System (including fleet ships and missions), Nukara Adventure Zone
12 Jul 2012
Season 7:
 New Romulus
New Romulus Adventure Zone, Reputation System (Task Force Omega, New Romulus), and Tau Dewa Sector Block
13 Nov 2012
Legacy of Romulus Playable Romulan faction (with its own ships, missions and hubs), Klingon missions for levels 1-20, Nimbus Adventure Zone, UI revamp, New equipment slot: Warp Core, Nukara Strikeforce reputation
21 May 2013
Season 8:
 The Sphere
New enemy (the Voth) and Dyson Joint Command reputation faction, Dyson Sphere Space Adventure Zone & Ground Battlezone, Starfleet tutorial revamp
12 Nov 2013
Season 8.5 4th Anniversary with new Feature Mission, Klingon War revamp, Quick Equip, Loadouts, starship switching mechanics
30 Jan 2014
Season 9:
 A New Accord
New Feature Mission advancing timeline to 2410, Space Battlezone, Borg Advance revamp, revamp of Reputation System, 8472 Counter-Command reputation faction, Traits & Kits
22 Apr 2014
Season 9.5 Crafting revamp
21 Jul 2014
Delta Rising Level cap increase (50-60), Tier 6 ships, Mk XIII-XIV gear (Gear Upgrade System), addition of Delta Quadrant, Captain Specialization system, Delta Alliance reputation faction and Kobali adventure zone
14 Oct 2014
Mid-season update Command Specialization, Bridge Officer training revamp, Secondary Deflectors, Romulan Mystery arc revamp, Foundry Top 3
29 Jan 2015
Season 10:
 The Iconian War
New enemy (the Heralds), Iconian Resistance reputation faction, expanded Pilot specialization and complete overhaul of Sector Space into Alpha, Beta, and Delta Quadrants
21 Apr 2015
Season 10.5 Fleet Research Lab, Fleet Armada System
16 Jul 2015
Season 11:
 New Dawn
Beginning of new major story arc, Admiralty System, Cardassian Struggle revamp, Badlands Battlezone, Terran Task Force reputation faction
27 Oct 2015
Season 11.5 Skill system revamp, Visual Slots, Romulan Republic Admiralty campaign, Strategist Specialization
12 Apr 2016
Agents Of Yesterday New TOS Starfleet playable faction, Yesterday's War arc, Temporal Operative Specialization, Temporal Defense Initiative reputation faction
6 Jul 2016
14 Feb 2017
Agents Of Yesterday: Artifacts Fleet Station K-13, Kit revamp, graphics and lighting update, beginning of new major story arc
25 Oct 2016
Season 12:
New enemy (the Tzenkethi), Tzenkethi Battlezone, R&D: Kits and Modules School, Lukari Restoration Initiative reputation
26 Jan 2017
18 Apr 2017
Season 13:
Competitive Wargames reputation, Space Skill rebalance, Player Potential System
25 Apr 2017
6 Jun 2017
Season 13.5 Endeavor System, Ferengi Alliance Admiralty campaign
18 Jul 2017
7 Sep 2017
Season 14:
New Fleet Colony World five-tier holding and defense queues, “Red Alert: Tzenkethi”, Miracle Worker Specialization
3 Oct 2017
14 Nov 2017
Season 14.5 Constable Specialization
3 Apr 2018
22 May 2018
Victory is Life New Dominion playable faction, level cap increase (65), Mk XV gear, playable Cardassians, Gamma Quadrant arc and locations, including Gamma Quadrant Battlezone, Gamma Task Force reputation faction, Deep Space 9 revamp
5 Jun 2018
25 July 2018
Season 15:
 Age of Discovery
New Star Trek: Discovery-themed Starting Experience, Task Force Operations (formerly Queues) Revamp, Mission Journal Streamlining, Tier Six Reputations
9 Oct 2018
13 Nov 2018
Season 16:
 Mirror of Discovery
Personal Endeavors, New story arc, 9 Year Anniversary Event
23 Jan 2019
5 Mar 2019
Season 17:
 Rise of Discovery
All Tier 6 starships converted to level-scaling, Discovery Legends reputation faction
14 May 2019
25 Jun 2019
Season 18:
New Patrols debuting with new Patrol UI, New Event UI debuting with Mycelial Crisis event
10 Sep 2019
15 Oct 2019
Season 19:
10 Year Anniversary Event, Measure of Morality two-part episode, To Hell With Honor TFO, ship model improvements
28 Jan 2020
3 Mar 2020
Season 20:
 House Divided
New "Klingon Civil War" episodes and patrols, improvements to Klingon ships, environments and NPCs, revamp of KDF Tutorial and "Empire" story arc
30 Jun 2020
Upcoming contentYear of Klingon