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This page refers to the NPC. For the duty officer of the same name, see "Law".

Nimbus III

Law is a Romulan who is a former peacekeeper on Nimbus III. He fled to Nimbus III after the destruction of Romulus. He considered the Nimbosians "lesser species," and took it upon himself to become a Peacekeeper. Peacekeepers were a group dedicated to upholding the law on Nimbus III, but were widely perceived as a joke.

Law once provided assistance to a Starfleet officer by the name of Harvson who promised to stop the Orion Syndicate, but then left the planet after being paid off by the Orions. Law was captured and dragged through the streets by Orions loyal to Hassan the Undying, while the Nimbosians did nothing to defend him. He quit as Peacekeeper after that incident.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “Blind Men Tell All Tales”: After the player uncovers information regarding the "Blind Man," a Nimbosian informant to the Orion Syndicate, Law reveals that he has been providing information to Hassan ever since his torture at the hands of the Syndicate. Convinced the player has the Nimbosians' best interests at heart, he tells the player how to get to Hassan's stronghold, and asks them to rescue the prisoners kept there.
  • ALL “A Fistful of Gorn”: The player goes to Law's home, only to find a note from him stating that the Gorn who served Hassan were sending an assassin to kill the player, and that Law was going to face the assassin himself. While Law expects to be killed in the encounter, he takes comfort in the fact that the player will look after the Nimbosians after he is gone. However, Law defeats the assassin in a duel and, somewhat embarrassed, suggests that the player search for the Tal Shiar in the southern satellite stations. He cautions the player that the area is the territory of a pack of Gorn separatists. At the end of the mission, Law asks to join the player's crew, as there is nothing left for him on Nimbus.