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New RomulanLaraell
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New Romulus
Mission giver

Doctor Laraell is a Romulan who can be found at the Atlai on New Romulus.

Laraell was born on a space station, and has no memories of Romulus. She is skeptical that the Romulan Republic government will be very different from that of the Romulan Star Empire.

Details[edit | edit source]

Laraell is in charge of the scientists conducting studies in the area around the Atlai river, directing a total of four projects including tagging nanovs and collecting water samples.

Missions given[edit | edit source]

  • ALL “The Atlai”: The player helps the scientists researching along the Atlai by tagging nanovs, collecting water samples, driving off insect swarms and investigating life-signs in riverside dens.
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