Lafayette Recon Destroyer

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Faction FED25.pngLafayette Recon Destroyer
Lafayette class Recon Destroyer.jpg
Lvl 50: 31050
Lvl 55: 33525
Lvl 60: 36000
Lvl 65: 40500
Hull modifier:
Shield modifier:
Turn rate:
Impulse modifier:
Inertia rating:
Warp core:
Generic Warp Core.png Matter-Antimatter core
Bonus Power:
+10 weapons power
+10auxiliary power
Bridge Officers:
Commander Tactical Ensign Tactical Lieutenant Engineering Lieutenant Commander Science Lieutenant Commander Universal-Intelligence
Fore 4 Aft 3
Can equip dual cannons.
Type-specific slot:
Experimental Weapon
Device slots:
Console tac icon.png 4 Console eng icon.png 2 Console sci icon.png 4
3,000Zen small icon.png
Admiralty stats:
Adm eng fed.png 19 Adm tac fed.png 52 Adm sci fed.png 37

The Lafayette-class Recon Destroyer is a Tier 6 Destroyer which may be flown by Starfleet characters, including Federation-aligned Romulan Republic and Dominion characters. This starship can be used from any level upon completion of the tutorial experience. As you level up, this ship gains additional hull, weapon slots, and console slots.

Players can obtain this starship from the Zen Store for 3,000 Zen small icon.png under the name Lafayette-class Recon Destroyer (T6). This ship can be purchased individually, or as part of the Cross Faction Recon Bundle [T6] for 4,000 Zen small icon.png.

Purchasing this starship will unlock a Fleet Ship Module discount when purchasing the Fleet New Orleans Recon Destroyer.

Overview[edit | edit source]

In these trying times, constant conflict and ever-present hostility have made exploration and reconnaissance at the edges of the frontier an even more dangerous endeavor than normal. The Recon Destroyer has been designed in response to this galactic atmosphere, providing a distinct combat-focus to a ship that is otherwise dedicated to scientific study and intelligence gathering.

The Lafeyette-class is a modern re-design of the classic New Orleans-class, which first came into service with Starfleet in the mid-2300s. The ship is 382.6 meters long.

Class variants[edit | edit source]

Class Information
Federation Recon Destroyer (Lafayette class).png
The Lafayette-class Recon Destroyer provides a middle ground between the toughness of a cruiser and the maneuverability and firepower of an escort.

Players unlock the Lafayette skin by acquiring the Recon Destroyer.
Federation Recon Destroyer (New Orleans class).png
New Orleans-class
The New Orleans-class starship was one of the many “graveyard ships” seen in the wreckage of Wolf 359 in the TNG Episode “Best of Both Worlds”.

The New Orleans-class skin is unlocked for free.

Starship Mastery[edit | edit source]

Starship Mastery
Precise Weapon Systems
Precise Weapon Systems
Precise Weapon Systems
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Enhanced Weapon Banks
Devastating Weaponry
Devastating Weaponry
Devastating Weaponry
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Enhanced Weapon Systems
Jubilant CadenceJubilant CadenceJubilant Cadence
Level Name Description
I Precise Weapon Systems +5 Accuracy Rating.
II Enhanced Weapon Banks +15% Critical Severity.
III Devastating Weaponry +2.5% Critical Chance.
IV Enhanced Weapon Systems +10% Kinetic Damage.
+10% All Energy Damage.
V Jubilant Cadence While this trait is active, defeating enemies or healing allies will grant you one stack of Jubilant Cadence a maximum of once every 4 seconds, which last until you leave combat or are defeated. After reaching 5 stacks, you and your teammates will receive a large boost to speed and turn rate, while also having all bridge officer ability recharge timers reduced.
VI Account-Wide Reclaim Unlock Complete this tier of Starship Mastery to be allowed to claim this starship on any character on this account.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Universal consoles[edit | edit source]

The Lafayette Recon Destroyer comes with [Console - Universal - Hyper-focusing Trinary Arrays], which can be equipped on any starship:

Experimental Weapon[edit source]

The Lafayette-class Recon Destroyer comes with an Experimental Weapon slot. This additional slot does not fit standard weapons. Unlike standard starship weapons, Experimental weapons are not affected by weapon firing modes, such as those granted by bridge officer abilities.

Specialization seating

The Lafayette-class Recon Destroyer features the following specialist seats:

Standard configuration[edit | edit source]

Federation starships come with standard equipment and weapons of the lowest mark available at the ship's minimum rank. The items provided are appropriate to the type of vessel and its related playing style.

Scaling starship

This starship's equipment slots, base hull capacity and shield capacity scale as your level increases.

Equipment slots and seating[edit source]

As you rank up every 10 levels, up to level 40, the ship's forward weapon slots, aft weapon slots, tactical console slots, engineering console slots, science console slots and available bridge officer (boff) abilities will slowly increase toward endgame capabilities:

Level Console tac icon.png Console eng icon.png Console sci icon.png Fore weapons Aft weapons Boff seats
0-9 2 0 2 2 2 Ensign Tactical Ensign Tactical Ensign Engineering Ensign Science Ensign Universal-Intelligence
10-19 2 1 2 3 2 Lieutenant Tactical Ensign Tactical Lieutenant Engineering Lieutenant Science Lieutenant Universal-Intelligence
20-29 3 1 3 3 3 Lieutenant Commander Tactical Ensign Tactical Lieutenant Engineering Lieutenant Commander Science Lieutenant Commander Universal-Intelligence
30-39 3 2 3 4 3 Commander Tactical Ensign Tactical Lieutenant Engineering Lieutenant Commander Science Lieutenant Commander Universal-Intelligence
40+ 4 2 4

Hull strength[edit source]

This table shows how the ship's hull strength scales at each level. The base hull of all scaling starships is 10,000, which is then multiplied by the ship's hull modifier (0.9 for the Lafayette-class Recon Destroyer), and then multiplied by the scaling multiplier below at each level.

Hull scaling table
Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP Level Multiplier Hull HP
0 1 9000 20 2 18000 40 3 27000 60 4 36000
5 1.25 11250 25 2.25 20250 45 3.25 29250 65 4.5 40500
10 1.5 13500 30 2.5 22500 50 3.45 31050
15 1.75 15750 35 2.75 24750 55 3.725 33525

T6-X upgrade

By using an [Experimental Ship Upgrade Token], the Lafayette-class Recon Destroyer may be upgraded to T6-X, unlocking an extra ship device slot, universal console slot, and the ability to slot an extra starship trait.

Admiralty ship[edit | edit source]

Admiralty Ship
Shipshot Background Admiralty.png
Shipshot Destroyer Recon T6.png
Shipshot Frame Tactical.png
Shipshot Frame Rare.png
Adm eng fed.png 19 Adm tac fed.png 52 Adm sci fed.png 37
+10 SCI per TacShip

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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