Lae'nas System

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DeferiLae'nas System
Lae'nas System.jpg
Raveh Sector
Alpha Quadrant
Lae'nas III

Lae'nas Sector Map.png

The Lae'nas System is a system located in the Raveh Sector of the Alpha Quadrant.

It is claimed by the Alpha Jem'Hadar until 2409, when their forces are crushed by the Breen Confederacy. Now, the Deferi have taken possession of the system and its invaluable treasure: The Preserver Archive.

System Description[edit | edit source]

An unclaimed system with three planets in orbit of a Class-F star. Lae'nas III is a M-Class world known for the volcanic mountains on the southern continent. The climate of the southern continent is very similar to prehistoric Defera, and the Deferi Science Council has been studying the climate and flora here for decades.

History[edit | edit source]

  • In ancient times, the system is a shelter for the Preservers, the oldest known sentient species. They create an underground library, the Archive, on Lae'nas III.
  • During the Dominion War the Dominion has a base in the system but abandon it afterwards.
  • In recent times, the system is under control of the Alpha Jem'Hadar, who have taken over this base. Their control ends violently in 2409.

Missions Involved[edit | edit source]

  • “Cold Storage”: In 2409, the hunt for Preserver technology between the Breen, Starfleet and the KDF comes to a head and fighting ensues while the factions try to uncover the Preserver's secrets. Eventually, the Preservers awaken and Thot Trel of the Breen is defeated. Now the system is under Deferi control, who lead a joint research mission with the Federation/the Klingon Empire.
  • “Blood of Ancients”: in 2410, Lae'nas III is attacked by the Iconian Heralds, who destroy the Archive and wipe out the Preservers to prevent them from aiding the Delta Alliance.

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