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Lae'nas III

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DeferiLae'nas III

Lae'nas III orbit.jpg
Lae'nas III from orbit

Two (unnamed)
Native Species:
Lae'nas System
Raveh Sector
Alpha Quadrant

Lae'nas III surface.jpg
The surface of Lae'nas III.

Lae'nas III is the homeworld of the re-awakened Preservers and under the protection of the Deferi and the Federation/Klingon Empire. The planet is notable for the Preserver Archive that contains the ancients' knowledge and hundreds of Preserver individuals and which is located on a small island or peninsula. The climate is similar to Defera's. There are two anomalies on the surface and two more in the subterranean Archive.

History[edit | edit source]

  • In ancient times, the system is a shelter for the Preservers, the oldest known sentient species. They create an underground library, the Archive, on Lae'nas III.
  • During the Dominion War the Dominion has a base in the system but abandon it afterwards.
  • In recent times, the system is under control of the Alpha Jem'Hadar, who have taken over this base. Their control ends violently in 2409. At this time, the Deferi Science Council has studied this planet already for decades.

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