Space Warfare Specialist — Space
[SP] Chance of Outgoing Damage Applied as Healing (Science Abilities)
  • Faction: Faction KDF.png Klingon Empire
  • Quality: Ultra Rare
  • Species: Na'kuhl
  • Gender: Male
  • Rank: Lieutenant
               Doff rank Klingon Lieutenant (Purple).png
  • Department: Doff dept Klingon Tactical.png Tactical
  • Specialization: Space Warfare Specialist
    Na'kuhl Warfare Specialists assist in combat by applying a portion of your outgoing damage as healing. Damage-over-time effects do not trigger the healing or consume charges.

    When activating Science Bridge Officer Abilities, 20% chance: 10% of next 10 sources of outgoing damage applied as Hull Healing
  • Traits


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