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KrenimKrenim Coalition

The leader of the Krenim's Kyana colony

Mentioned Faction
Notable Species:
Krenim, Nihydron, Zahl
Delta Quadrant
Alliance Relations:

Nihydron Destroyer.jpg
The contributions of the Krenim's coalition allies, like the Nihydron Destroyer are referenced heavily via the Year of Hell lockbox, but do not appear in any faction mobs or NPCs

The Krenim Coalition is an alliance of the remnants of the Krenim Imperium - which fell to the Vaadwaur invasion - the Mawasi, the Nihydron and the Zahl Regnancy. The Coalition joined forces with the Alliance to produce new technologies to aid in their fight against the Vaadwaur and the Iconians.

Krenim Imperium[edit | edit source]

The Krenim Imperium once held over 200 systems, but through a series of wars their numbers became depleted. After their fall to the Vaadwaur in 2410 they were believed to be annihilated, but two known colonies remained thanks to their allies and to their expertise in temporal engineering.

Mawasi[edit | edit source]

By the 24th century the Mawasi government utilized the Mawasi cruisers for combat and probably patrol of their territory. These starships were equiped with beam energy weaponry.

Nihydron[edit | edit source]

The Nihydron were neighbours to the Krenim and in 2374 were at a similar technological level to the Federation. In 2410 the Nihydron Destroyer became the standard destroyer for the Krenim Coalition and was armed with temporal weaponry from the Krenim.

Zahl Regnancy[edit | edit source]

The Zahl had historic disagreements with the Krenim, but put aside their differences and became allied for 50 years before the Krenim fell to the Vaadwaur.

The Zahl provided assistance to Krenim refugees and opened a planetoid in the Zahl System itself for their use. Alongside the hidden planet Kyana Prime in the Kyana System, these where the only two known sites still containing Krenim survivors from the Vaadwaur purge.

The Zahl provided the Zahl Heavy Cruiser for the Coalition.

Playable Starships[edit | edit source]

Nihydron Destroyer Zahl Heavy Cruiser Krenim Imperium Warship Krenim Science Vessel Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnought
Nihydron Destroyer Zahl Heavy Cruiser Krenim Imperium Warship Krenim Science Vessel Krenim Annorax Science Dreadnought
Destroyer Cruiser Destroyer Science Vessel Dreadnought
Tier 5 Tier 6 Tier 6 Tier 6 Tier 6
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