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QKramp’Ihri Watcher
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Q's Winter Wonderland
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The Kramp’Ihri Watcher is a Fek'Ihri female found in Q's Winter Wonderland. She is enamored by the Kramp'Ihri and watches out for his movements in Winter Wonderland. When he is due, the Kramp’Ihri Watcher announces his arrival and teleports players to his location. She is considered to be Kramp'Ihri's 'fan girl'.

The Kramp’Ihri Watcher is based on the Klingon Fek'Ihri Ravager and was created by Q as part of his Krampus-Fek'Ihri winter event.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]

  • “The Kramp'Ihri”: The Watcher tells the players of the Kramp'Ihri, offers to transport players to the Kramp'Ihri when he appears, and debriefs the players once the Kramp'Ihri is defeated.

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