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Q's Winter Wonderland

The Kramp'Ihri is a fictitious entity found in Q's Winter Wonderland's. The Kramp'Ihri is Q's combiantion of the Krampus folklore of Earth, the counterpart to "Saint Nichoals" who would punish naughty children, and the Klingon Fek'Ihri.

Missions encountered[edit | edit source]

  • “The Kramp'Ihri”: The Kramp'Ihri spawns in random areas throughout the Q's Winter Wonderland and is announced by the Kramp’Ihri Watcher who tracks his movements and transports players to his spawn location. He is followed by a group of Tortured Elves who help him in his attempt to capture local residents. During combat, the Kramp'Ihri drops presents that may contain winter commodities, captured gingerbread people waiting to be rescued or even more tortured elves.
    When weakened, Kramp'Ihri will turn into cloud of coal and smoke and move to a new location where the cycle is repeated. The more times he is defeated within the 5 minute mission window, the greater the mission rewards.
    The Kramp'Ihri's attacks include throwing a sack over attacking players, holding them, and using a Black Nanopulse Mek'leth.

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