Klingon Intelligence Stealth Utility Armor

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Klingon Intelligence Stealth Utility Armor Mk XI [HP] [RegHP]
Rare Body Armor
Bind On Pickup
Lieutenant General
Values do not reflect skills or other modifiers

+10% Physical Damage
+41 Physical Damage resistance
+41 Kinetic Damage resistance
+27 All Energy Damage resistance
+48 Maximum Hit Points
+0.35 Health Regeneration
+11% Stealth
+11% StealthSight
Value: 8,217 Energy credit icon.png

Physical Augmentation Armor icon.png
Rare icon.png

The Klingon Intelligence Stealth Utility Armor is a body armor reward from “Alpha”. Despite being rare quality, this armor actually has stats very similar to a [Physical Augmentation Armor Mk * [HP] [RegHP] [Per]] of the same Mk level, with an additional boost to Stealth, making it more akin to a Very Rare or Ultra Rare item, and quite endgame-capable at Mk XI.