Klingon Empire Android Engineering Officer Candidate

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KlingonKlingon Empire Android Engineering Officer Candidate
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Very Rare

The Klingon Android Bridge Officer Candidate is a Very Rare reward for players with the Lifetime Subscription. Once eligible, players can obtain this officer from V'Qlar at the barracks of First City (found under the Special Officers section). Unlike other Bridge Officers, they are not tradeable and cannot be sold on the Exchange.

This is a KDF Warrior. There is also a Starfleet Android Engineering Officer Candidate for the Federation.

This bridge officer candidate is completely customizable (similar to alien bridge officers). Players are able to change body type, facial characteristics, and add custom uniforms to him. The Android bridge officer also comes with nine unique head tech attachments to simulate open panels on his face and skull, exposing flashing circuitry.

NOTE: Originally, this Boff was an Engineering Male, but since the 1/17/2013 patch, they are now available as any gender, and any career.

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