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Klingon Defense Force Starter Pack

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The Klingon Defense Force Starter Pack is a Klingon Empire-only bundle available in the Cryptic Store for 1000 Zen small icon.png. For PC players, it can also be obtained as part of the Star Trek Mission Crate 2: Way of the Warrior lootcrate for $39.99 USD, which comes with an additional emote unlock.

Details[edit | edit source]

Starting a Klingon captain and want to launch their career at Warp 9? Add a Klingon Defense Force Starter Pack and enter the Alpha Quadrant with all the gear you'll need.

Note: This can be claimed once per account. The ship unlocks for the whole account. The other slots and items unlock only for the characters they are claimed on. It may be claimed on a Federation character, or on a Federation-aligned Romulan or Dominion character. Players must have completed the tutorial to claim this. The emote will unlock a claimable product that can be claimed on all characters on an account.

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