Klingon Civil War

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Klingon Civil War
Date: 2411
Cause: Rumours of dishonor
Result: Ongoing
Faction KDF.png J'mpok
Klingon Defense Force
Khitomer Alliance
Faction Mo'Kai.png J'Ula
House Mo'Kai
House of B'vat
House K'Lek
Other rebel Klingon forces

The Klingon Civil War of 2411 (not to be confused with the Klingon Civil War of 2367 between the houses of Gowron and Duras) is an ongoing conflict triggered by the arrival of J'Ula.

Background[edit | edit source]

There are many elements that provide the foundation for the conflict;

J'Ula was displaced in time from the Federation-Klingon War (2256-57) with advanced Mycelial technology. Coming from a time where the Klingon's had almost beaten the Federation (done so under the banner of "Remain Klingon") provided stark contrast to the peace being cemented between the two powers. In addition, a few years earlier House Mo'Kai had been wiped out by the House of B'vat. This added grievance to J'Ula's cause.

J'mpok became Chancellor of the Klingon High Council via personal combat with Chancellor Martok. Martok's death was faked; the revelation of this fact throws the legitimacy of J'mpok's rule into question regardless of Martok's unwillingness to return to the Chancellorship.

In the run up to the Iconian War, the Empire settled its dispute with the United Federation of Planets in favour of joining forces in the Khitomer Alliance. This turn away from conquest created dissatisfaction among Klingon's who do not view their place as one of peaceful coexistence with powers such as the Federation.

Chronology[edit | edit source]

J'Ula's arrival in the 25th Century caused concern among the Alliance leaders as she possessed powerful weaponry and was against the peace between the major powers. As a result, members of the Alliance began running its officers through Historical Tactical Simulations from J'Ula's past, catching them up to speed with the tactics of House Mo'Kai. In late 2410 J'Ula and her flagship, the I.K.S. Lukara resurfaced with a surprise attack on Andoria. There, it was revealed that J'Ula has been experimenting with the very same mycelial weapon that hurdled her and her forces into the future in the first place, though further investigation determined that this weapon severely damaged the Mycelial network in the process. In addition, her actions resulted in an incursion into normal space from the Elachi, in both normal and corrupted forms. J'Ula began refitting her ships at the Beta Lankal System, although this was assaulted by Alliance forces.

J'Ula managed to use a little-known Klingon law to reinstate House Mo'Kai which allowed her to address the High Council. Doing so, she rallied other Klingon's to her cause. A skirmish ensued and J'Ula went back into hiding.

Missions involved[edit | edit source]