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Klingon Raiders are more commonly referred to as Birds-of-Prey.

Variants[edit | edit source]

For technical specifications, see individual pages or Raider#Klingon Raiders

Unlike many other ship classes, the diversity of the Bird-of-Prey means many skins are not usable on other ships.

Class Information
Ship Variant - KDF - B'Rel Bird-of-Prey (T1).png
B'rel class
The B'rel class has some interesting design features. The ship's wings have a feathered wing pattern. The main hull has a dual ridged dorsal section with a neck leading off to the bridge. Like all Birds-of-Prey, the vessel's wings are ordinarily in upward position, and only move down when entering combat.
Ship Variant - KDF - Koloth Bird-of-Prey (T1).png
Koloth class
The Koloth class follows a very similar design including the iconic feathered pattern on the wings. The ship has a larger engine assembly and the tips of the wings fold outward rather than down.
Ship Variant - KDF - B'Rotlh Bird-of-Prey (T1).png
B'Rotlh class
The B'Rotlh class is a modern variant of the classic B'rel design, featuring a lower-pitched head section, a beefed up engineering section and wings that fold forward more than the original. The ship also features larger wing-mounted disruptor cannons.
Ship Variant - KDF - Kor Bird-of-Prey (T6).png
Kor class
The Kor-class Bird-of-Prey is based on the famed B'rel Bird-of-Prey Retrofit's original design, however it has been heavily modified to be better suited for battle against the Klingon Empire's current foes.
Ship Variant - KDF - QulDun Bird-of-Prey (T2).png
QulDun class
The QulDun class is slightly different from the B'rel-class Bird-of-Prey. While using a classic Klingon design for the starship, the QulDun features no feathered wing pattern on the wings. The bridge section of the hull is more pointed and not as big as the B'rel's. The main hull is also slightly larger.
Ship Variant - KDF - Qaw'Dun Bird-of-Prey (T2).png
Qaw'Dun class
The Qaw'Dun class is significantly different from its QulDun counterpart, and features wings that are heavily centered forward, a head section that noses down slightly more and an engineering section that features a long sweeping dorsal plating that stretches half way through the neck to the head section.
Ship Variant - KDF - Norgh Bird-of-Prey (T3).png
Norgh class
The Norgh class is aesthetically very similar to the QulDun class. However the ship features a much wider wing arc and an elongated bridge section. The Norgh also features the traditional Bird-of-Prey feather pattern on the wings, reappearing after their absence on the QulDun class.
Ship Variant - KDF - Ning'tao Bird-of-Prey (T3).png
Ning'tao class
Distinctly visually different from the Norgh, the Ning'tao class shows clear Nausicaan and Orion design influences, boasting a more insectile look than the sleek curves of the Norgh. The ship commands a unique wingspan along with the traditional curves of previous Birds-of-Prey.
Ship Variant - KDF - Ki'tang Bird-of-Prey (T4).png
Ki'tang class
The Ki'tang class has a very angular design and a much narrower wing-span than the lower tier Birds-of-Prey. The ship has a very-stripped down look, more reminiscent of the QulDun class than the Norgh class Bird-of-Prey.
Ship Variant - KDF - Ch'Tang Bird-of-Prey (T4).png
Ch'Tang class
The Ch'Tang variant has a very staggered wingspan and foreign hull extremities, giving it a more insect look than previous Birds-of-Prey. This Bird-of-Prey design was clearly influenced by engineers of the factions allied to the Klingon Defense Force.
Ship Variant - KDF - Hegh'ta Heavy Bird-of-Prey (T5).png
Hegh'ta class
The Hegh'ta class's design and features resemble that of the Ki'tang-class Bird-of-Prey; the only major differences being the more out-spread wings and extra weapon slot mounted on the underside of the vessel.
Ship Variant - KDF - Haj Heavy Bird-of-Prey (T5).png
Haj class
The Haj class is a somewhat more radical design, having narrow wings that fold predominantly downwards, and rather more prominent warp nacelles. Viewed from the front, the ship looks almost like a bat rather than a raptor.
Ship Variant - KDF - HoH'SuS Bird-of-Prey (T5).png
HoH'SuS class
The HoH'SuS class has a notably stripped-down appearance in comparison to other Birds-of-Prey, with obvious gaps in the wings giving them a practically skeletal appearance. Unlike other Birds-of-Prey, the feather pattern is displayed on the "head" section and main hull rather than the wings.
Ship Variant - KDF - D4x Pilot Bird-of-Prey (T6).png
D4x class
The D4x class is armed with two proton charge cannons on top of the wings near the fuselage. Like all Birds-of-Prey, the vessel's wings are ordinarily in upward position, and only move down when entering combat. The vessel's wings also move while performing various sudden pilot maneuvers.
Ship Variant - KDF - M'Chla Pilot Raider (T6).png
M'Chla class
The M'Chla class, much like the ships of the era, establishes a clear design aesthetic which is carried over to modern Birds-of-Prey - elongated wings, a long neck with a beak-like head. Unlike other ships of its type, its wings are in a fixed position at all times.

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