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Pentaaro, A Kentari Male.

NPC Species
Alpha Quadrant
Planet of Origin:
Kentari Union
Bridge officers only
Unique Traits:
Kentari Ferocity icon.png Leadership icon.png Efficient icon.png

The Kentari are a humanoid species inhabiting the heavilly industralised M-class world New Kentar in the Gon'cra Nebula, in the Alpha Quadrant.

History[edit | edit source]

The Kentari and Lukari were once all one people, originating on the planet Kentar, located in the Huranzi System. They were obsessed with power and material wealth and the pursuit of this was destroying the people and the planet. ( “Of Signs and Portents”)

The scholar Lukar and his followers argued against this and it led to a schism in their society between the Kentari and Lukar’s followers, the Lukari. The Lukari lost the ensuing civil war and they chose self-imposed exile over death or imprisonment. This is known to the Lukari as The Great Exodus. The Lukari struck most of their records of Kentar, including its location, and they would not revisit it or its people until 2410. ( “Of Signs and Portents”)

In the intervening years Kentar was rendered incapable of supporting life by its pollution. It was abandoned leaving behind incredible levels of radiation, atmospheric pollution, and ruins of great cities. ( “Of Signs and Portents”)

Two of the planet’s three moons were incapable of supporting life but would later be scoured by Tzenkethi protomatter weapons, likely due to the presence of Drantzuli crystals. ( “Of Signs and Portents”) The third, Kaalat, was class-L, and the Kentari attempted to terraform it, but failed, leaving the moon a barren wasteland.

By 2410 the Kentari had move to a new homeworld, known as New Kentar, in the Gon'Cra Nebula.

As a result of economic decline, Kentari society became highly polarised and the idea of cooperating with outsiders was controversial. But Prime Minister Tuulemaan thought the situation was desperate enough to consider dialogue with the Alliance and the Lukari. ( “Mirrors and Smoke”)

Shortly after the Alliance contact, the Tzenkethi launched a protomatter attack on the Kentari moon, wiping out their agricultural base. The Lukari offered to use their expertise to restore the planet’s biosphere but the effort was briefly saboraged by Kentari traditionalists. ( “Mirrors and Smoke”)

The Traditionalist faction, led by Pentaaro, viewed the arrival of the Alliance and the Tzenkethi attack as a coordinated plan to weaken the Kentari, and they attacked the Alliance delegation. ( “Mirrors and Smoke”) The Alliance, Lukari, and loyal Kentari defeated the Traditionalist forces and eventually established a joint colony in the Dranuur System.( “Melting Pot”)

Government[edit | edit source]

See Kentari Union.

Physiology[edit | edit source]

Kentari are a slightly xenophobic people with blue skin tones and violet eyes. They have cranial ridges, as well as ridges along the sides of the nose.

Xenophobia[edit | edit source]

The Kentari were highly xenophobic and still harboured enmity toward the Lukari. On first contact with alliance ships, they opened when hailed by a Lukari vessel. This feeling extended to individual citizens who attempted to lynch the Alliance-Lukari delegation in the city. Traditionalists in particular view the Lukari as “Dangerous anarchists from [their] distant past … now returned and more dangerous than ever.” The Alliance meanwhile is seen as “well-armed aliens” or “hostile invaders.” ( “Mirrors and Smoke”)

People[edit | edit source]

See List of Kentari NPCs

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